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Nefarious James “Respect”

Published on February 13, 2020 under Blog
Nefarious James “Respect”

What the hell makes you think you’re so special that everyone should give you their respect? Tell me how you’ve earned it? Everybody wants it. There are those who think they deserve it. There are those who demand it. There are those who think it should just be given to them.

For those in the lifestyle, y’all know what I’m talking about. I truly do believe many of you out there reading this article have no freaking clue what true respect really is as it relates to the motorcycle world. There are some things about respect you need to understand. You can’t buy it in a store or order it on the internet. That’s not how to get Respect.

Real, true Respect is earned. And I’m not referring to faux respect like That fake crap ya get for doing more shots at the bar than the next guy. I’m talking about the kind of respect that’s truly earned through the way one carries himself or herself through the deeds and actions they perform during their life. The type of man or woman who is a person of integrity and of their word emulating those qualities we all seek.

Nowadays it seems there are just too many wannabes and punks out there who think they could throw on a rag and all of a sudden they deserve respect. This goes a little off-topic, but it is in parallel and a good example of how respect is earned. I’ve heard and read so many times people say, “I would prospect for a club, but I won’t be someone’s bitch, or I won’t prospect for someone because I don’t like being told what to do.” To those people who say they wouldn’t prospect for those reasons, I want to extend my personal thanks. Why? Because you already displayed you wouldn’t make the cut in any club. Old school clubs are intended to be the extreme example of Brotherhood. Those seeking membership should be willing to do anything for their club and their Brothers. It’s like saying you want to go into the military but you’re not going to go to basic training.

Being in an established club, a real old school established motorcycle club is not for everyone. I can respect a person’s decision to realize if it’s not for them. If they do decide to attempt membership, they need to realize that Prospecting is an important part of club culture. It’s not about being someone’s Bitch. It’s a test of character. You can only fake shit for so long but eventually the true you will come out. That’s who the Brothers of that club want to know. It’s time for existing brothers in that club to get to know who you are and what you’re made of. And if you make it to probate, you get to know about your possible future club, its members and its traditions and values. That’s earning respect. It’s paid for in blood sweat and tears. It’s a priceless experience you will never forget. Good or bad, it will always be there. That’s the old way. The old school way. Not the way of today. But that’s another future article.

The beauty of respect is anybody with the right character and heart can earn true respect. It doesn’t take being in a club or even riding a motorcycle to get it. There are many out there who have earned it and deserve it through the things they have accomplished and the deeds they have done for others. And with that said, I thank them. Examples are single parents who struggle to keep food in their kid’s bellies and a roof over their heads, I have enormous respect for them. No easy accomplishment. We have firefighters, our military, children’s guardians, and even the people who clean out the porta-johns after a huge motorcycle rally. All thankless jobs performed by people worthy of respect. Then you have those out there who just make up a patch with their buddies some night and decide they are now an MC displaying zero respect for the culture and lifestyle they so desperately want to be a part of. How in the world would that ever get them any respect? Again, this will be in a future article.

I guess my point is this. As people living and residing in this beautiful country of ours, we have the freedom to act as we choose. We are allowed to ride our bikes and be the biggest asses we want to be, or we can do what our forefathers inspired for us to be. A country comprised of men and women who the world would envy. To be a country everyone on this planet would want to emulate. A country everyone would want to be a part of. A country comprised of citizens who would be the example of those worthy of respect that would lead the world by example.

Everything starts with one thing moving forward. Be that one thing and watch the world following in your footsteps. Don’t be the guy with the middle finger in the air of every picture. Be the guy giving the thumbs up showing we are worthy of everyone’s respect. We make the difference. All of us. Old School ways included respect and integrity. Don’t say the words if you’re not going to live by them.

These articles are written to invoke thought. They are to hopefully make you look outside the box. In the end, what you do is your decision and yours alone.


James “Nefarious” Gladstone