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Trikes & Bikes Industry Report

Published on December 6, 2019 under Blog
Trikes & Bikes Industry Report

Haus of Trikes is one of the largest trike conversion company’s in Florida. “I grew up with trike companies like Motor Trike, California Sidecar, Hannigan, and Road Smith. We all met each other on the manufacturing/distribution-side because I did shows with my trikes and these guys tried to push the conversion trike market. They knew me from day one as a manufacturer and importer and that I already had an established shop. That’s when I became I dealer for them.”

Manfred went through all the trainings at these manufacturer’s factories. “We are all trained, got certified, and became specialized trike technicians since day 1. We are deeply rooted in the trike business which I am very proud of.”

In general, many folks that want to own/ride a trike don’t know much about them other than they want one. And because we offer so many different Trike Kit Manufacturers, we take our time with every customer to find out what he or she is looking for. “All of our kits are independent suspension, air ride, rake kits, etc. We have at least 6-8 different kits for Honda Goldwings and 4-5 kits for a Harley Motorcycles, as well as for Indians, Kawasaki, Yamaha and even for Scooters. I have different setups where I can make this trike special for you. You don’t have options when you purchase a stock, manufactured trike, other than letting the sales person know what color you want.” Mike mentioned that they have 11 trike kits on order at this time!

“We can make a trike specific to the needs of the customer. If, for example, they can’t use the foot shifter, we can install an electric hand shifter. Or if you need a bracket for a wheelchair, our fabrication shop can build that as well.

Manfred is a hands-on shop owner, I still build trikes on my own as well. I have 14 lifts in the shop. We are so busy that I need to step in and help out with all the orders that are coming in. I train my mechanics, one-on-one. I make sure that the knowledge is never leaving the company.” Manfred is at his shop every day! “We have mechanics that repair Honda, Kawasaki, BMW, Suzuki, we have fabricator guys, and the old-school Harley dudes. We are booked solid for weeks. There is a reason why people come here. No one build trikes around here the way we build trikes. I’m also building Indian trikes for several Indian Dealerships in Florida with California Sidecar and Motortrike Kits.