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Ramble On Harley-Davidson Falcons Fury

Published on December 6, 2019 under Blog
Ramble On Harley-Davidson Falcons Fury


Veteran’s Day. I am writing this column on Veteran’s Day. After waking up to a quiet morning, nestled in my comfortable bed, in a warm house, on a safe street, with a hot cup of coffee waiting to warm up my insides. No drama.

And I usually take it all for granted.

Today I say, “Thank you, veterans!”

The sun is shining, my neighbors are out walking their dogs before going off to work, and my two dogs sit in the window barking “good morning,” or maybe they’re actually barking “time to go for our walk,” Either way, I feel safe and comfortable.

Thank you, veterans!

I can turn on the TV and watch the news. I can listen to the radio. I can hop on my Harley and go for a ride, anywhere I please. Safely.

Thank you, veterans!

For our Freedoms, Choices, Beliefs.

Thank you, veterans!

I was able to hop on my Hog and travel to Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson’s 5th Anniversary Party last July, after already celebrating our freedoms during the Fourth of July celebrations earlier in the month. Thanks to the Freedoms that Veterans ensure us, it was a day of fun, laughter, bikes, bikinis, beer, music, stunts, venders, prizes … and even more!

Thank you, veterans, for the freedom to enjoy Falcons Fury 5th Anniversary.

Thank you, Harley-Davidson for supplying our military, during the war years, with the mobility of a motorcycle. A dependable, long-lasting, American-made Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Thank you, veterans, for keeping your oath.

Harley-Davidson of Atlanta held a Veteran’s Day Event on Saturday just before Veterans Day. Thanks to our many freedoms, I was able to attend. H-D of Atlanta offered discounts for all military personal. The Atlanta HOG chapter hosted a “Great Bowls of Fire” chili cook-off. Mmm Mmm good! A swap meet sponsored by Servants of the Cross had lots of Harley goodies for sale.

Thank you, veterans!

When I woke up early Saturday morning, preparing for my ride to Harley Davidson of Atlanta, I noticed that the weather temperature was in the low 30’s. But it goes without saying, that it’s never too chilly to take a ride for chili. And after a hot bowl of chili, I warmed up nicely during the afternoon, and so did the weather.

Thank you, veterans!

Please understand that tomorrow, I’ll wake up to another quiet morning, nestled in my comfortable bed, in a warm house, on a safe street, with a hot cup of coffee waiting to warm up my insides.

Again and again, I say, “Thank You, Veterans!”

As you read these words, it’s probably chilly outside, and we are already in the month of December. Remember that Falcons Fury Harley- Davidson is sponsoring their 2019 Toy Run on Saturday, December 14 and Santa is returning to Falcons Fury on Saturday, December 21. Be there for fun, food, drink, and photos with Santa!

Christmas is a time to worship, or not to worship …whatever, however, we choose. Thank you, veterans, for keeping us a free nation and being able to decide for ourselves whether to worship or not, without any government interference. Now, as I always end my column, until next month “keep your knees in the breeze and stay riding free.”

“Thank you, veterans.”

Merry Christmas to all!