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Christmas by Craven Moorehead

Published on December 6, 2019 under Blog
Christmas by Craven Moorehead

Well, I made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and most of Cyber Monday. This was an easy task largely because I had no money to waste on things that I don’t really need. Although the desire is there to spend on the people I care about, it is an impossible feat without the necessary funds. Commercialism aside, there are a lot of valid reasons to enjoy this time of year. If you ignore all the ads, come-ons and deals you can’t live without and then simply focus on what you do have – and not what you want, a certain sort of peace will come over the chaos that roars on in your head and heart. It’s okay to want things, but if you cannot afford those things it’s better to just forget about it and move on. It seems to work well for me, but I’m not suggesting that you should think the way that I do. After all, it is a dark and disturbing place in what remains of my mind!

Originally, we were all taught that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the census among the scientific community suggests that the event didn’t really happen during the winter, if it happened at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the ability to practice their own religion. Scientists do not profit at this time of year but the commercial entities certainly do. Some of us simply try to remember the story as told in the Bible and let that be profit enough. (It took me several minutes to decide not to use the word ‘prophet’ in that sentence, instead of profit – levity resides in the aforementioned ‘dark’ areas of my mind.) Although it’s difficult to be comedic at times, if you are me then it just sort of rolls out usually to the disdain of those listening. Thankfully for you, my dedicated readers, you don’t have to hear all the crap because you simply read whatever drivel I put in this column – or you just put it down and not read it – and then make colorful comments about my existence. It’s okay. I’m used to it. …

I think as we get older, some of the magic and mystery of Christmas sort of fades away. The beauty and meaning of the holiday; however, seems to be intensified the farther you progress in life. Once you get past 6 or 7 years old, you begin to not believe in Santa Claus and begin believing in … I, however, still believe in Santa Claus because every time my dogs come back into the house from the yard they have sandy claws. Plus, I know for a fact that Santa frequents the Gentlemen’s Clubs. I have actually seen him there. Although he didn’t have on the red suit, I knew it was him because he kept bellowing out “Ho Ho Ho” and throwing cash around. The unmistakable long white beard and rosy-red face couldn’t have been attributed to the double vodkas he was drinking, could it? I used to think he only liked eggnog and cookies, and then I remembered that most of the eggnog that I have consumed contained a fairly good amount of alcohol. So, whether you believe in Santa or not, I suppose that it doesn’t really matter. I mean, after all, everyone needs to have something to believe in, so I believe I will have another beer!

This particular holiday has a lot of different meanings to a variety of people. I certainly do enjoy it, and of course it would be a lot more fun if I had some cash – but I never worry. I just wish everyone peace on Christmas and remember to do something nice for folks that need it. As bikers, we know how much love is spread around this time of year for those in need. Countless toy-runs charitable poker runs and other events are occurring as we speak, and there are scant few days before the actual celebration of Christmas arrives. I appreciate all the efforts of those that give back to the community from behind this keyboard and it’s a blessing that this old-parts computer is still serving me well enough to allow me to send this important message to my readers. Anyhow, don’t think that I am nuts because I still believe in Christ and still give all I have. I also believe that Christmas itself brings people together and when people get together, great things happen! Just remember what the true meaning of this holiday is and do your best to enjoy it! Remember, just a few days after all the presents are unwrapped and the turkey is eaten, we once again gather together to celebrate the arrival of a new year. This is another great holiday because the new year often brings hope and prosperity to those that don’t wake up with a horrible hangover. When we make all those resolutions that we never keep, we can always remember the great times we had with family and friends during this wonderful season. And then, it’s back to work! May God bless you and all your people during this most joyous time of year! Hey! See ya’ll next year and until then – speed safely!!