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SPYKE & MIKE Biker Benefit Party

Published on September 19, 2019 under Feature
SPYKE & MIKE Biker Benefit Party

Happy end of summer my BTR friends. Some of you will be overjoyed, some of you could care less, but I know Mike is definitely looking forward to fall. Not the tumbling kind mind you, but every day rehabbing is a day closer to the healing date.

Mike babbles, “Oh yes my medicinal companion. You’ve spent a lot of time bedside, poolside, and tableside with me. The doc took a look at my screws, bolts, and plates’ shadow in the last set of X-rays.” He said, ‘I’m like Punxsutawney Phil and you only have six more weeks of darkness. Soon it will be your spring and you can start learning how to walk and do other things again thru rehab.’

Mike replied, “Maybe it’ll help me rehab something else to make Reann happy. She really has done a lot for me in the past two months and deserves something special, not just recognition. I have a few ideas in mind, but it all depends when I can get around without a walker or a cane.”

She told me, “Awww Mike, these past few months have brought us really close together. Someday soon you’ll be back on two wheels but first, it’s two feet. When you get to that point, I’ll see about gettin’ Spyke’s wings in the wind, with your knees in the breeze.”

I cackle, ‘Mike, I’ve enjoyed the time together. Even though we missed going to the beach this summer, you have taught me how to surf in the pool, without any waves. It’s not as fun as surfing at the beach ‘cuz I like playing in the sand too! Speaking about enjoying time together, your friends up north: Lou Falco owner of Scooter Haven and Valerie Smith owner of Rider Now, have come together to put on a shindig at the Haven on October 4th, 5th, and 6th. Despite what Mother Nature threw at us a few Wednesdays ago, Ron, Mary Ellen along with the group from Lifting Hearts, and Quaker Steak & Lube did an excellent job at your first benefit. Due to the negativities of the situation, a lot of people couldn’t make it or didn’t even know about it. They were asking if you were going to do something else and that’s when Lou and Valerie stepped up.

Ron has made a wonderful ad to cover most of the info on the event. Reserve a cabin or get your own knees in the breeze and come on up for the weekend. I’ll be looking for a few of you to get my wings in the wind and your wheels rolling down the road to cure my loss of wind therapy. While Mike watches, of course.

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