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When My Focus is Right, My Ride Through Life is a Joy

Published on August 8, 2019 under Born To Ride
When My Focus is Right, My Ride Through Life is a Joy

Years ago, when I decided to start riding again, I discovered that I had to take a riding course to get a certificate to get a motorcycle endorsement. I called around and found the opportunity to take a short refresher course with an instructor and then pass a riding test in order to get that necessary piece of paper.


During the refresher course, the instructor covered several basic riding truths, ideas that I had never known about in previous years. I had, in ages past, learned to ride a dirt bike and without further training, got a street bike and a license. The trainer showed me panic braking, crisp turns, and everybody’s favorite maneuver, the U-turn. He shared from his experience and really opened my mind to important concepts concerning safe riding. He even showed me how easily the movements could be made on his 800-pound Harley, as opposed to the little 300-pound bike I was using for the class.


Perhaps the most important thing I learned during the time I spent with the instructor was the concept of where my eyes go, so my bike goes. It seemed counter-intuitive to not look at that big telephone pole on the side of the road, not that far from where my turn will take me. The bottom line was that looking where I was going worked! The idea was to take a quick glance at my path of travel, then look higher towards where I intend to end up. Once one can get used to not watching things like curbs, signage, and other items along the roadside, the path of travel becomes incredibly safer. Simply put, we need to fix our eyes on our target.


One day when practicing riding inside of a 24-foot circle to prepare for a trip to the mountains, my mind slipped, and I looked down. Even though I knew where to keep my eyes focused, in just a flash of a moment I looked down from my target and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. When I looked down the bike cooperated, and we went down!


So it is in our lives, In Hebrews 12:2, we are challenged to “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus.” I have learned that whenever things go haywire, whenever the world just does not make sense, or when we find ourselves at the end of hope, we must simply focus our vision on the One who can fix it all, Jesus! I have discovered that if my eyes are on Jesus, I find life makes more sense, and I have peace. Likewise, if my eyes are not fixed on Him, I find that I am easily distracted, tempted to go the wrong way and do the wrong things. When my focus is right, my ride through life is a joy. Remember, where your eyes go, so does your ride go. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

In the Wind,

Denny Dingler

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