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Travel & Adventure, The RV Lifestyle Coincides with the Biker Lifestyle

Published on August 30, 2019 under Feature
Travel & Adventure, The RV Lifestyle Coincides with the Biker Lifestyle

Creative RV – Atlanta, Georgia

As a youngster growing up, we were so fortunate to experience the joy and fun of camping. Every summer, my parents would take us on an adventure to places we would read about in school.

Now that I’m older, the thought of getting back into camping – AND taking my motorcycle along – is more intriguing, thanks to my conversation with Marc McAdams of Creative RV Atlanta!

Creative RV is an amazing company whose headquarters are located in Chino, California. “We are technically the largest bus sales company in the nation. We specialize in buses also; school buses, church buses, tour buses, etc., 35 years in buses. The RV side of the business is three years old. The way we got into the RV world is through a company called Forest River RV. They are an RV/Bus company (a Warren Buffett Company). They are the third-largest RV manufacturing company in the nation.”

Forrest River approached Creative RV asking them to sell the RVs thanks to the reputation, manpower, facilities, etc. of Creative RV. “We have locations in Chino, CA, Washington state, Arizona, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Florida, and a facility in Pennsylvania.”

Marc was hired to run the RV side of the business. “I came from Maryland to Georgia. I am the manager for the east coast. My job is to build up the business on the east coast. There is another guy that mirrors my job out on the west coast. This year in May, we had matched the number in Atlanta from last year. We doubled our numbers before this year was over – thanks to the biker community!”

Marc was quick to mention that their success was due, in part, to Ron Galletti of Born To Ride. “It’s not through natural leads like Craig’s List, RV Trader, our website, etc. It’s because we are in the motorcycle community. We do bike events and did a Born To Ride event with Ron at the Great American Motorcycle Show here in Atlanta, showcasing our toy haulers for bikers.

Having a toy hauler AND your motorcycle can make all the difference in the world when you’re on a trip. “A lot of bikers have never been in a toy hauler. At our shows, we expose them to the toy hauler lifestyle and understanding that if at age 60, for example, you’re going to Sturgis, you don’t need to be riding. Having a toy hauler, you have your “motel,” your bike is not in the elements or in the threat of getting stolen or damaged, and you are living in luxury.”

Most floor plans are pre-arranged. You can deviate from an established floor plan; if you want a king-sized bed versus a queen. But, if you want to get into changing color schemes, it’s not cost-effective. “All floor plans are going to have the same tank capacity. But the manufacturers have gotten away from doing one-off units. It’s a road we prefer not to go down because the costs are substantially more to the customer.”

Toy haulers start at $22,000. This is a 26’ rig standing strong at 5,000 pounds. “You can put two Harleys in this rig AND it can be towed with a Ford F150/Chevy 1500 pickup truck! Payments are really low when purchasing a new toy hauler. It’s simple interest with no pre-payment penalties. If your taxes are done properly, you can write off the first 5 years of interest because the IRS sees RVs as a home.” In order for the IRS to see this as a home, the RV has to have a bathroom, kitchen, and a place to sleep. It’s tax-deductible as a second home! Under $50,000 you can finance up to 15 years, over $50,000 you can finance up to 20 years. The Vengeance 5th wheeler, tri-axle RV (my personal favorite) is the most popular unit Marc sells. Selling at around $56,000, payments can be in the neighborhood of $400 or so a month. Marc explained, “Our price point starts at the low $20s to $100,000. We can fit any economic situation including finding the right RV for you and your truck.”

Marc is a rider, owning a Hayabusa motorcycle. Technically, it’s the fastest production bike made, and he loves riding it! “I started riding at the age of eight with dirt bikes in Maryland where I grew up.”

Why a toy hauler? “The RV lifestyle coincides with the biker lifestyle.

Three of my new RV/toy hauler customers just returned from Sturgis. They were all together and met new people at the campsites they stayed at. In fact, they sent me pictures of the little town they all created at this campsite! They didn’t need to get a hotel every night, they stayed in their RV, they were out of the elements because they were in their trucks, they get their bikes out and rode, came back to their little town with their little house, and it all just comes together. You find yourself seeking out other places to go! You want to be free and see stuff that you wouldn’t normally see as a typical person.”

Normally, our vacations are based around an air flight and a rented car. Marc clarified, “You are limited. If the airport is a bit away from the ‘fun stuff,’ the best food, the best of America, you’re not going to see it because you’re basing a trip around that airport. Your hotel is in conjunction with the airport – and you’re limited. You have to check out at a certain time, you can’t bring your dog, you’re limited on how many people can stay in one room, etc. You have a rental car. You don’t have your stuff in your car, you may smoke but can’t in a rental car, you may have a limited amount of miles you can drive. Again, you’re restricted. With your own! toy hauler, you can avoid all the stuff we just mentioned and do what you what, when you want! It changes the whole outlook by taking time off.”

Quick weekenders are the most fun. If you own an RV, you can jump in the truck, drag the RV and head out to a place 45 minutes from home! It may cost you less than $100 for the weekend!

Last thoughts today, Marc? “I’d like to convey that we are RVers. We live the lifestyle and we are bikers. We know how to maximize the fun level. When we share something with you, we are telling you the truth. This is our passion. Hopefully, it will be yours too! Why get caught in a torrential downpour on your motorcycle and stay at a nasty hotel? An RV will eliminate that trouble.”

September 13-15 is the Georgia camper RV show. This will be held at the Cobb Galleria. Marc will have a dozen toy haulers at this show for you to enjoy! Be sure to tell Marc that you read this story in Born To Ride magazine. You will receive a unique Born To Ride pricing when you purchase a toy hauler at this event or at their showroom!

Thank you, Marc, for sharing your story with the readers of Born To Ride magazine!

Susan Hurst
Who: Marc McAdams
What: Creative RV Atlanta
Phone: 470-259-7630

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