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There’s More to This Girly-girl

Published on August 5, 2019 under Born To Ride
There’s More to This Girly-girl

Lisamarie Garcia

On the cover of Born To Ride – May 2019 Issue #180 we featured Lisamarie Garcia, a realtor, female rider and member of Stilettos on Steele. Her story was interesting, her motorcycle was intriguing, and her career with McPeak Real Estate Firm successful. After her story took off, she became even more successful and that’s when we found out there was more to this gal that makes her and her bike shine! Much more. So here she is again, with more to the story that her raving fans are telling us.


Every day we hear about successful women that break glass ceilings. What we don’t hear about is the battle they go through to be successful. From an early age, Lisamarie fought that fight and continues to strive for more every day.


“My name is Lisamarie, and I’m 35-years-young. All of my life I’ve heard ‘You’re too girly to do that’ way more times than I care to mention. Lately, I feel like all I do is prove those words wrong, and I love it! Not too long ago, I was a stay at home mom without even a driver’s license. Riding on a motorcycle never even crossed my mind, much less riding my own. It empowered me to become a successful realtor and today I own three motorcycles and have my eye on a couple more.”


“I didn’t stop there and I’m not stopping ever! Aside from my new-found love of riding, I’ve picked up a couple more hobbies to include target shooting and deer hunting. I try to fit in an appearance at the gun range a couple times a month. Some of my personal favorite guns are my custom-built Rock River AR-15, Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge and my all-time favorite my Sig Sauer P238. I’m hoping a Swarovski Crystal covered pistol makes its way into my collection soon, wink wink!”


We found it’s that aggressive can-do-it drive of Lisamarie’s that has gotten her the attention she deserves. If you’re looking for your next home, she’ll find it. If you need to sell a home, she’ll do it. No gray area in between. She hits her mark every time as a Florida Real Estate and Property Management Expert in the Tampa Bay area, especially in the expanding Brandon and Riverview, FL market.



But then came another challenge, Lisamarie explains, “A couple of months ago I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime. To advertise my Real Estate Business on National Television. Not only did it open up a market I’ve always dreamt of, but it has led me to one of my most recent hobbies, modeling! The videographer for the TV show asked if I’d model wedding gowns for Royal Bridal, a local Bridal shop in Brandon, Florida. I’ve done several Wedding Gown shoots since then and I love it!”

“What’s next? I’m not sure but whatever it is, I’m ready. I’ll be the girly chick on the Harley fixing her lipstick at a red light. It’s important to me to remain myself, remain girly on my adventures. It’s who I am and it’s the only me everyone will get. So here I am, Still Girly as can be … Selling Real Estate, Riding, Shooting, Modeling and looking for my next adventure.”

You can bet Born To Ride will be there to cover her next adventure! Lisamarie has been a great referral source for many bikers and their extended families with their home investments. She can help you too!

Debbie Galletti

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