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Broken Wing Won’t Keep Us Down

Published on August 7, 2019 under Born To Ride
Broken Wing Won’t Keep Us Down

Broken Wing Won’t Keep Us Down

Hey there, my BTR friends, I must cackle that the last month-and-a-half has been a ‘not as planned’ unfortunate break from reality for us. I’ve been spending a lot more time than normal with Mike, and he doesn’t seem too happy about it. I wish I knew where the Fat Bird 2 was. I miss being on the backrest and riding with him down the road.


The last thing I remember is cruising on the Bayway and Mike avoiding a white SUV coming across his lane by going into the left turn lane. Then it got blurry with sky, asphalt, and grass all rolling together as one. I felt myself being tossed from the scoot and into the overgrown median. All this happening in the early evening and being so dark, I hauled feathers for the tallest thing I could find – a palm tree. There I spent the night up in its frons. …


Mike cuts me off saying, “Yo birdbrain, can’t you see my two new wheels are on the front of a walker? I’ve been lying in bed either at home or Reann’s house every day. And now, I’m relearning how to live with a busted femur/kneecap when I am standing.”

“As for the Fat Bird 2, its life has become almost non-existent and just a number on paper because Flo from Progressive deemed her history. If it wasn’t for Craig, of Craig Paints, the official painter for BTR and creator of the Fat Bird 2, it would be at a salvage auction somewhere in Orlando by now. He convinced Flo that it was repairable at just under the limits of a total loss.”


“Now, some people would like to hear from Flo about totaling their bike, but in my case, I feel resurrecting the ole bird is the best thing to do. She has never been purring so well. I just dumped a bunch of money into the scoot for new cams and a few little knick-knacks recently and would have never gotten the full value back. Plus, being that this is the second time ‘round with Craig, he has envisioned much bolder and brighter things to be incorporated into the building of the Fat Bird 3. Look at it this way Spyke, we will have a new set of wheels on the road in nine months and approximately right on time with my healing dateline. That’s IF I can stay on a heavy schedule of rehab and relearn for my left femur and knee.”


I cackle, ‘Dude, with the addition of a large plate, screws, and bolts, you will have a much stronger left leg than your right leg. And how Reann is keeping you moving, training and rehabbing, you’ll be a bionic man. Plus, you should be healed in almost half the time, if you can just handle the pain and discomfort.’


Mike blurts out, “Yeah Spyke, the next six months to a year is going to be tough. But we’re tougher than that and going to get through this. I guess it was just God’s way of saying that he’s not ready for us and Hell doesn’t want two quacks.”

“I look back in time from the beginning of the year and a smile comes to my face. I remember how you got to play with so many bands at BTR’s and Quaker Steak & Lube’s Pinellas Park Bike Fest in February. Flashback to our trip to Daytona and first time staying at the Cackleberry Campground. Then jamming on stage with Mike, bassist from Straitjacket Smile. Leading an awesome ride of friends up to the 20th Hole Bar & Grill in Hudson. Then, you playing on the shoulder of the late/great David ‘Chaos’ Knisley with the Tommy Roxxs Band.”


“Another wonderful experience was a ride with Kevin and friends down to the Sarasota Bikefest. This time you got to ‘fly’ with Tommy doing his Nuthin’ Fancy tribute bands’ rendition of Free Bird. I recall riding to all the great bike nights that come to mind: The new Cowboy Corral on Tuesdays/Fridays, Biff Burger on Sundays, and the best bike night on the planet, Quaker Steak & Lube every Wednesday. On the last Wednesday in July, Ron, your other father from my dad’s younger brother, partnered up with Mary Ellen and the Lifting Hearts organization in making a benefit come to fruition for you and me. Many years ago, we helped that group in getting their start and giving them the drive to do what they do today. They really are a flock of angels alive on Earth. Their sole mission is in helping others that have unfortunate situations happen where they can’t help themselves.”



I cackle, ‘Yes Mike, there are a few people that don’t appreciate you and me, but for the most part, people love us and are happy to see us help out in any way we can. We thrive on making their world a wonderful experience and it should remind them that there are good people on this rock. Which reminds me, Kevin called. He wants to help with my withdrawal by getting my wings in the wind and his Honda wheels rolling down the road. BTW, he told me there is a bitch seat for you to get your knees in the breeze if you can handle it. …’







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