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Forty Years of The Wall

Published on July 12, 2019 under Born To Ride
Forty Years of The Wall

Brit Floyd … Forty Years of The Wall

Ruth Eckerd Hall
By Night Train

About two months ago I was surfing Facebook for future events. I came across a concert promoted by my absolute favorite concert venue in Clearwater, FL—Ruth Eckerd Hall. A Pink Floyd tribute band named “Brit Floyd,” I knew nothing of. Being the Pink Floyd snob that I am, I kind of chuckled at the concept there was a group of musicians out there with the audacity of doing Pink Floyd covers. How dare they?! There is no way I thought anyone can compare or play as well. I called my friends at Ruth Eckerd Hall and got myself four tickets. Yes, four! I figured if I was going to set myself up for the disappointment I may as well be with people I wanted to be with, so I could at least be laughing in good company. So I brought Steve Bruno lead singer of Florida-based heavy metal act “Clenchfist,” by the way, scheduled to play a homecoming concert July 20 in Brooksville for us bikers, his friend Ryann and my friend Jori who we can always count on for some good contagious belly laughs.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019, came up and I got ready mentally for a full critique, psychologically armed with an arsenal of lethal pre-conceived ideas about tribute bands. Problem was, I was about to benchmark Brit Floyd with cover bands I use to see back in the days when I was in the music business. The second mistake I made which was screaming loud in my face all along is; Ruth Eckerd Hall is a venue which promotes high-quality events only. That alone should have sent warnings and defused some of my arrogant pretentious “know-it-all” about Pink Floyd attitude. The place was packed! Full house.

Well, folks, I learned a big lesson. I was completely blown away by the quality of show Brit Floyd put out. The vocals were almost identical in terms of voices. The music was spot on. That alone is impressive because there is absolutely nothing simple “cookie cutter-like” about Pink Floyd music. I kid you not, on more than one occasion, I was on the edge of my seat in complete disbelief about what I was witnessing by sight and by hearing. Looking at my dear friends Jori, Ryann, and Steve who are much savvier in today’s music than I; I could see they were truly and genuinely enjoying the experience. Sweet Jori could hardly shut her Facebook live feature. Lol.

Brit Floyd, as it turns out has the reputation of being the world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute show. They returned to the stage in 2019 with their most ambitious and best production yet, a very special 40th Anniversary retrospective of Pink Floyd’s iconic rock opera, ‘The Wall.’

Released in November 1979, a semi-autobiographical concept album from the mind of Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters, The Wall remains one of the biggest selling albums of all time, and an important moment in Rock music history.

As well as performing a host of musical highlights from The Wall, Brit Floyd performed classic gems from The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Division Bell plus lots more. The Brit Floyd show has truly become a phenomenon, widely regarded as the world’s greatest live tribute to Pink Floyd. Faithfully recreating the scale and pomp of the final 1994 Division Bell tour, complete with a stunning million-dollar light show, large circle screen, and arch plus moving lights, lasers, inflatables, and theatrics. A Brit Floyd show really is as close as fans will get to experiencing the magnificence of a Pink Floyd show live.

So, will I ever give in to pre-conceived notions before I see an act again? Nope! Thank you, Ruth Eckerd Hall, for putting this show on and literally throwing me back on pleasant memory lane. Next time I see a tribute band promoted at Ruth Eckerd Hall; I’m paying attention!

Next month August, stay put for my exclusive one on one interview with none other than Mr. Ted Nugent also scheduled to play Ruth Eckerd Hall August 20, 2019. Got tix? I sure do! Tell them Night Train of Born To Ride sent ya!

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Photos by Brit Floyd

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