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Published on May 2, 2019 under Born To Ride


Georgia’s oldest Harley Dealer

Macon Harley-Davidson hosted a 98th Birthday Party Celebration for its founder Grover Sassaman that no one in attendance will soon forget. Plenty of food, drinks, raffles, prizes and, of course, a huge Birthday Cake for all to enjoy.

I didn’t want to miss the party, so riding down from Marietta, GA to Macon was a great Saturday ride.

Upon arriving at Macon H-D and walking in the front door, Trig, their “greeter dog,” gave me a good sniff (looking for more food I suspect), after which I was face to face with Grover, seated in front of the beautiful birthday cake prepared especially for him. Yep, he confirmed that he was 98 years old, after trying to explain to me that the numbers on the cake were actually transposed and upside down and that he was really only 86! After some time, I managed to get the truth out of Grover, he is a kidder, and he’s actually proud to be 98 years young and the world’s oldest active Harley-Davidson dealer. Grover is also a decorated WWII veteran with quite a story to tell.


He tells me that back in 1947, he became a dealer by signing with one of the original Harley-Davidson company founders, Arthur Davidson and that the next 72 years flew by fast while representing Harley-Davidson!

Riders old and new were coming in all afternoon to visit with Grover, wishing him a “happy birthday” and reminiscing of days gone by. The entire staff was busy helping guests with food and drink and were available for any questions concerning the birthday boy, or Harley-Davidson motorcycles, parts and accessories. The staff seemed extremely knowledgeable in all departments.

The service department had bikes coming in, going out, being test ridden and routine services were being performed in the shop. Great group of guys.

After all the festivities and plenty of food, I hopped back on my hog (I was feeling like a hog!) and returned to Marietta. Great trip. Great party. Thank you, Grover!

See y’all for the 99th,

JP Brady

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