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Published on January 8, 2019 under Blog

It is a brand new year full of exciting adventures and endless possibilities. Consider all that you had dreamt of and let go of. Consider how your life could be different had you made different choices in life. Now celebrate that you are here and alive, able to read this article because that means you can change things and live your life in extraordinary ways, starting today. It is not too late to reinvent yourself. If you are here on earth and breathing, you can start to reinvent your life beginning with your mind and attitude. If you choose to look at things in a doom and gloom manner then that is the bubble you will live in. Instead, bust that dark bubble and blow a new rainbow colored one that is big, bright, and beautiful.

This past year, I had the opportunity to have met a wonderful soul who was an inspiration to many and lived life in his very own wonderful and unique way. He knew how to live in the rainbow color balloon in more ways then one. In the October 2015 issue, I wrote an article about him, his name was “CRZ-T” (Crazy T). He was a gentleman with a great personality and attitude towards life. As I sat to write this New Year’s Resolution article, I was saddened by the news that CRZ-T had passed away December 19, 2015. God bless him. May he rest in peace and rock his world in heaven.

CRZ-T knew how to live. He was a man who stood out and sadly many people did not get to know him better, due to their own ignorance. When you see someone different than you don’t run and don’t judge. Instead, see it as your perfect opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. I approached CRZ-T and got to know him better. He was smart, incredibly funny, and had an attitude we should all have. We were waiting for our doctors in our cancer treatment journey when we met. We talked and joked knowing this is the journey of life. Can’t dwell on things, instead we have to live and go with the flow so to speak. We are not what happens to us, we are not our past and we surely are not our disease; therefore, look at the present and the future. CRZ-T knew how to be himself regardless of what others thought, and he knew how to live in the now. I will surely miss not seeing him at my doctor visits. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him. I encourage everyone to learn to live life the EQ LifeStyle way and not wait any longer. Live free of all the useless nonsense. Clean out all the clutter and uselessness in your life to give room for you and your new exceptional life.

So what will you do this year, starting today, with your one and only life? The year 2016 is your brand new year, make it extraordinary. Try brand new things you have never dared to do. So long as you are not hurting anyone don’t fear, don’t doubt yourself, and definitely don’t worry what other people say or think. All you motorcycle enthusiast how about that one dream ride that you have heard so much about? How about doing that ride and experiencing it first hand? Pick a place and go enjoy yourself. In 2015, I rode the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina. I put all of my 1001 excuses aside and just picked up and went with a group of friends.

We tend to keep waiting and postponing things until such future events happen and that is a great way to NOT experience life. The experience on those mountain roads was indescribably spectacular and it is embedded in my memory for a lifetime. I also rode the 7-mile Bridge to Key West, with breathtaking views like no other. How about riding in Palm Beach along A1A? It is a picturesque journey just like right out of a movie or magazine. You can feel the ocean breeze, the sun, and the ocean aroma. Once you taste the world outside of your comfort zone you won’t ever want to go back. Life becomes more and more delicious every step of the way. I invite you to come check out our upcoming events (Born To Ride Women’s World: An EQ LifeStyle) at www.EQWS.org and/or www.borntoride.com. Join our mailing list so you don’t miss out. I’m looking forward to meeting you and making this journey called life tremble with love, joy, purpose and passion!
Hayley B. Colina, Esq. www.EQWS.org