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American Patriot’s 1-3-19

Published on January 3, 2019 under Blog
American Patriot’s 1-3-19

American Patriot’s


We have successfully reached the year of our Lord 2019 and hopefully this year we, as a nation will be able to successfully navigate the pitfalls, we have seen in years past.

This year I pray we come back together as a united nation, wherein we deal with the problems we, ourselves, have made.

Sadly, our nation’s oldest veteran Richard Overton who reached the age of 112 years passed away last Thursday. He was born in Bastrop County, Texas in 1906 and served in the US Army’s all black 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion from 1942 to 1945.

May God bless your family Richard, you are now with other American Patriots who served to protect us.

My world consists of 9,000 square feet of property which I live on. My attachment to the entire world consists of about 12 square feet via my computer and telephone.

In my 12 square feet, I have watched and followed the Mueller investigation wherein we, as a nation have lost trust in the FBI at the cost of an estimated 25-30 million dollars. It is time for the investigation to stop. If Mueller couldn’t find a problem in the length of time he has had, then I would consider it a waste of time and taxpayer money.

When I was a detective there would have been no way the Sheriff’s Office would allow me to continue an investigation for as long as this case has gone on. The case would have been in a file titled ‘open.’  It’s time to shut it down and to remove Mr. Mueller from office.

However, I do appreciate Mr. Mueller’s military record and the fact he did serve in Vietnam. Most of our leaders did not serve yet they all have an opinion as to what should be done to protect our sovereign republic, be it a wall, barbed wire or anything else to secure our border to stop folks from just walking or driving into our country or sadly, just leave the borders open.

Once again, the City of Palmetto was brought to the forefront of what might be inappropriate by some readers and voters, thus darkening the doorway of City Hall.

I was taken aback by one of Palmetto’s elected leader’s comments made at a City Council meeting wherein the member made a statement which sounded somewhat racial in context.

Hopefully, it was just a misstatement on his part, however, it caused quite a kerfuffle in the local mainstream papers.

When I was a Corporal with the Sheriff’s Office, I towed one of our patrol boats in the first parade as well as a couple thereafter. There was no mention of my unit being a distraction. We were there to show support for what Doctor King believed in.

Times have changed Mr. Councilman, respect all those who legally live and vote in the community.

I rely on music to calm me down and I feel Brook’s and Dunn’s ‘Only in America’ is one song which should be heard. Google the song and relax and learn from music.

May God almighty bring us peace and calm in 2019 allowing us to regain strength and to continue as a united republic.


God bless America.


Terry Longpre