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Street Strategies at Work – THE SHARK

Published on December 21, 2018 under MSF
Street Strategies at Work – THE SHARK

Imagine a typical scene from a nature-network documentary, one that shows a fur seal frantically swimming with a great white shark in ruthless pursuit, the huge snout of the shark filling the television screen.In the corresponding street scene, you’re riding your motorcycle down a wide arterial street when a huge sedan closes in on you, its grille filling your mirrors. Just as you change lanes to get out of this car-shark’s path, the tailgater also changes lanes behind you. What are your best strategies for avoiding (or evading) this situation?

Strategy: As soon as you notice a tailgater approaching
in your mirrors, take steps to get out of the way. Activate your turn signal and make an obvious, decisive lane change to the right or left. If the car is already upon you before you notice its presence, take care before making a move to avoid the “shark pursuit” situation described above. When evading a shark, signal early and pause for just an instant (to make sure that the tailing driver isn’t also planning to change into the same lane) before making a definite and decisive move into the other lane. Your actions should clearly communicate your intentions to the other driver so he is fully aware of what moves you intend to make.

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