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Stilettos on Steel Female Riders Group

Published on December 27, 2018 under Born To Ride
Stilettos on Steel Female Riders Group

Greetings Lady Riders! Did you know that 25% of motorcycle riders are women? Yup, that’s one out of every four. Feeling the wind in your face is so much better when you’re holding onto the handlebars. Are you ready to make the move from the back seat to the front?

My name is Wendy LaForce. I am the Sun Coast District Coordinator for Stilettos on Steel Female Riders Group. I started a chapter in May 2016. We have grown to 100 members! We ride unapologetically deep! We empower one another’s uniqueness, strength, and peace of mind. We accept every female motorcyclist for who she is. We don’t judge but encourage each step in your journey. We are breaking through barriers and stereotypes one set of handlebars at a time.

Stilettos on Steel provides membership and networking services to female motorcycle riders all across the United States with over 1,000 members in 11 states. Our driving desire is to help women who dream of riding to take the next step in becoming a motorcycle rider. Our more experienced members enjoy working with new riders to help them hone the skills learned in their riding class and prepare them for adventures on the open road with their new Stiletto Sisters.

We have 5 chapters in the Tampa Bay area. Yes, we are near you, in 8 counties!
Tampa Bay North, Tampa Bay South, Nature Coast, Skyway South, and Pinellas County.
Want someone non-judgmental to ride with?
Want to gain confidence while riding?
Want to have fun and socialize with other like-minded females?
Want to expand your rider network?
Stilettos on Steel Female Riders Group
Empowered lady riders empowering lady riders.
A few clicks to join today, several throttle-twists tomorrow and a smile on your soul forever.

I’ve gladly accepted the position of Public Relations/Marketing Representative/Good Will Ambassador for Born To Ride. What an opportunity to connect with more female riders! I’m looking forward to raising awareness, spreading goodwill and bringing positive vibes to our biker community. Like it or not, the biker world is changing. It’s evolving. The number of women riders is growing faster now than ever before. I am committed to helping women break free from the passenger seat and to helping them overcome their fears of riding a motorcycle. This new position will give me the opportunity to reach out to even more people in our biker community. Not only women but to men as well. We can all empower each other. We can help each other remember the reasons why we began riding in the first place. Look out for my custom Fatboy Lo Cruella De Vil and me! We’ll be out and about looking for you!

Sponsored by Born To Ride and Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson!
Join us at Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson if you are a new rider, a potential rider or experienced rider. We’ll have information on motorcycle endorsement classes. Meet and Greet with the members of Stilettos on Steel. There will be a ride over the Skyway especially geared to newbie riders and Skyway ‘virgins.’ Many new riders are extremely apprehensive when it comes to getting out in the wind on their two or three-wheel steeds. Sometimes, with encouragement and support from others that love to ride, a joyous occasion is celebrated when the once shy and timid rider feels a brand-new, unbridled freedom with new riding friends! What a way to do just that with a Skyway Ride!

Sponsored by Born To Ride and Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson
International Female Ride Day© a global movement and ride day for women motorcyclists. By participating and riding on this one synchronized, united ride-day, women demonstrate their passion, devotion, and enthusiasm for the sport. Last year, for our first annual, we had 60 bikes. Our goal IFRD 2019 is 500 bikes! Each and every woman participant is a role model for women in motorcycling and contributes to the global mission of IFRD by building awareness of female motorcyclists; growing the number of women riders and encouraging more women to take up the sport and ride. Mark your calendars! Tell your friends! We’ll see you there!

Women reading this article: If you’re looking for a fun group to ride with or information on events, please connect with me on Facebook or write me an email today! We are building and growing because women want and need someone to ride with!
What: Stilettos On Steel – Female Riders Group
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