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4 Things to help your family if you’re involved in an accident

Published on December 12, 2018 under Feature
4 Things to help your family if you’re involved in an accident

When a serious car or motorcycle accident occurs, it is often a family member or significant other who is contacting an attorney on behalf of the injured party. While I hope neither you nor your family are ever in this situation, all motorists should share vital information with a trusted emergency contact to help ensure they’re adequately prepared in the event of an accident. Below is a list of information to keep up to date and share with your family member or significant other.

1. Medical Insurance: Provide your emergency contact with the name of your insurance company and your policy number. Often, it’s easiest to give them a photocopy of your health insurance card?

2. Medical Information: Do you have any known allergies? Are there items in your medical history that would be important for an emergency medical team to know, such as current medications or a history of heart disease? Make sure your emergency contact is kept up to date on your medical conditions?

3. Personal Injury Attorney: What is the name and telephone number of a trusted personal injury attorney that your emergency contact can call – even for some guidance prior to formal representation? The sooner your attorney can be called the better.

4. Power of Attorney: If you are seriously injured and unable to make decisions for a period of time, a power of attorney designation allows a loved one to carry out tasks that you would normally do, such as paying bills or cashing checks. It also allows a loved one to make medical decisions for you. Power of attorney is important even for those who are legally married. Once completed, it needs to be signed in the presence of a notary public. Visit our website (MotorcycleLawGroup.com) and select “Prepared Rider Kit” to download a free Power of Attorney template.

The majority of riders go each year without an accident, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared in case you’re ever involved in one. Having this information readily available can be critical, especially immediately after the accident occurs.

As always, if you have any further questions or comments concerning this article or any other matters concerning your rights as a motorcyclist, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Matt Danielson is a partner at the Motorcycle Law Group, a personal injury law firm whose attorneys all ride motorcycles and practice in VA, WV, NC, SC and GA. Matt has successfully represented clients in cases from simple property damage to complex multi-million dollar personal injury claims. He is also a lobbyist, adjunct professor and works with motorcycle rights organizations. To learn more about the Motorcycle Law Group, visit MotorcycleLawGroup.com

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