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Spyke & Mike-Summer Fun and Hot Talons

Published on August 9, 2018 under Born To Ride
Spyke & Mike-Summer Fun and Hot Talons

Summer Fun and Hot Talons

Hey there, my BTR friends, it’s hot enough out there in the sun to cook an egg on the sidewalk, let alone the talons underneath me. During the summer months, Mike doesn’t let my feet hit the ground. In this kind of weather, I would be doing the burning parrot foot dance. And just like you humans, it would blister my little toes.

Mike breaks in, “Yes Spyke, we are not riding much during the day because of the hair dryer winds, and in the evenings when we do ride we’re running from the rain. I spoke with Grandpa last week and he told me it’s hotter than the devil’s underarm. He also told me to keep you in the shade at a minimum, or better yet, inside because it’ll boil your birdbrain and make you madder than an Amish electrician.”

Mike and I have been managing to make it up to the best Wednesday Bike Night in the area, Quaker Steak & Lube. Bill Church has kept the bands top-notch, the drinks ice-cold, and the food nothing short of awesome. We and BTR are doing our part in making it great again! We’ve seen a lot of new faces and our old friends have been telling us they like the improvements. Come on out and see for yourself. On the third Wednesday of the month, Ron and Debbie show up with the camera crew and many people enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and glory. Everyone seems to be as happy as the fat guy at the endless wing bar. I told Mike, “I bet his hobbies include eating and complaining that he’s getting fat while he’s downing cake because he says it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.” Mike replied, “Yeah I’ve seen that dude. Bill is losing money on him!”

Earlier in the month, the rain gods blessed the River’s Edge Bar with a beautiful Saturday afternoon for the band ‘Cowboy’ to put on their awesome Kid Rock tribute show. Too bad the sun god didn’t miss the bus and the clouds were far and few between. Mike ordered some raw oysters and steamed shrimp and he was amazed at the size and flavor! I really enjoyed the steak fries he got me. Since the new owners took over a short while ago that place has been a top-notch biker destination for great food and live music. If you haven’t been there lately, you’re missing out!

On Sundays and evenings when we’re not riding, you can usually find us where the surf meets the sand enjoying the evening waves and a sunset or lounging on floats in the pool at the Sanctuary. Mike got me a really cool raft to hang out on with him and his friends. Now I don’t have to sit on my perch and just watch. He cranks up the Jimmy Buffett, fires up the grill, and gets the blender going. Then we have a good ole time until the cows come home. What else is there to do in this heat besides that or sit in the air conditioning and watch past episodes of Born To Ride TV.

Mike babbles, “Yeah Spyke, the pool is cool, but I really want to get you out on that boogie board and practice catching a few waves. Maybe next month when we’re on vacation. For now, finish pecking away at the keyboard. Ron is blowing up my phone for the story because you left yours at The River’s Edge. I’m washing the scoot for our trip across the Skyway bridge. We have to retrieve your phone ‘cause I’m done being your secretary and answering service. I need to get your wings in the wind, my knees in the breeze, and the Fat Bird 2 wheels rolling down the road.”