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Craven Moorehead-Born To Ride Column Writer

Published on August 9, 2018 under Born To Ride
Craven Moorehead-Born To Ride Column Writer

Hmm … Something Uplifting?

From month to month, I never know what I am going to write about. So, on my occasional visits to the BTR office, I often ask our editor Jesse what he would like to see me write about. On my last visit, he commented that he would like to see me write something ‘uplifting.’ A short discussion ensued regarding hydraulics and other air-powered devices that lift up our automobiles, motorcycles and a myriad of other items that need to be elevated for service or maintenance. To make matters worse I continued on about other things like the NASA program that sends a variety of junk into space, the SpaceX program that sends an even larger amount of junk into space and some other crap regarding the space station, life on Mars and the inevitable moon discussion which causes everyone to look up occasionally just to see if there is actually a man in the moon. Yes, allegedly we have already sent astronauts to the moon and some of the conspiracy theorists have claimed that it never really happened, but I kinda believe that we actually went there for at least a few minutes. I’m not too sure what we expected to find there, but I suppose it is like when I go to explore a new trailer park somewhere. We came, we saw, and we got a few alien’s phone numbers. The parallels are amazing I think. Well, maybe not. It may cost millions and billions of dollars to explore space while just visiting local trailer parks only costs a few bucks in gas. The difference? My simple travels never make the news but if I had a rocket launcher, I would be super famous. It’s not like I ever wanted to visit outer space but sometimes I wonder if I had – would my life be better? I don’t think so. I should just stay grounded in the simple biker lifestyle that has made me what I am. Whatever that is. … I think it is working for me so far and I don’t think I would look good in one of those space suit gimmicks.

It was my birthday in July. Right before Christmas in July so I learned a lot about getting older and older. The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s okay getting older when you consider the alternative and the other thing that I learned is that social media is a messed-up place from time to time. One of the good things that happened during my birthday week was that I was thrown a party at a local bar by a fellow musician and friend which in my opinion was under-attended, but I did get to play some music with some of my long-lost friends from the live music scene. I also re-connected with one of my longtime love interests which was nice. As life goes on you have to realize what is truly important and keep on having the faith. So, when my actual birthday rolled around one more of my true friends stepped up and he and his wife stopped by with some beer, a homemade birthday card, and some food. Had this not happened I would have sat here on my butt in the trailer park with the dawgs and little or no food. As you have noticed, I have not mentioned names here because I neglected to get permission to publish these names, but you know who you are. I’m not too big on publishing names anyway. I would never want to cause anyone embarrassment just because I was bragging. Honestly, I don’t have too much to brag about. Mine is a meager broke-ass life so why drag anyone else down into it? Levels of success and survival are relative anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. We all just keep on keeping on – against all odds.

Last month I mentioned that I would report on the tariffs that the government would impose upon the importation of certain goods up to and including the Harley-Davidson Motor Company which is manufacturing our beloved bikes in the UK somewhere. Well, that is likely not to happen now – or anytime soon due to the primary election going on. You cannot turn on the news from any source without hearing the political mud-slinging, self-aggrandizement and bragging about all the candidates that are running for various offices here in Florida. I have not been able to verify anything on the national level even while using the internet. Trump has claimed ‘Fake News’ forever but it is all shadowed by politicos promoting their position and power to make a change. I usually vote by mail but sometimes it’s kinda cool to go to the polls and watch the opponents duke it out. If we all could just get behind the concept of living in a free country and leaving all the hate and discontent behind it would be great but there is a lot of polarization going on simply based upon political party. Why can’t we just go vote for whom we want without a conflict? I know a lot of people do not believe in Trump or his political stand and I am neither agreeing or denying that he is doing the right thing. Whether I voted for him or not is not the question here, but the reality exists. He IS our President and we have to learn to deal with the situation whether we like it or not. It’s not like everyone is against him but daily I see the media taking shots at him from people reporting a plethora of acts that are questionable especially regarding porn stars and Russian collusion, but yet he carries on. If he would lose his Twitter account, he may get a better approval rating. That is just a personal observation. Either way, we must continue on and enjoy living in our great country.

My opinions are my own and should not reflect the opinions of this magazine or any other entity where this article or content within could be distributed. How’s that for a disclaimer?? I guess I felt like I should say that – not because I fear everyone hating on me. I get enough of that but simply because my dedicated readers understand that I am often outspoken, controversial or otherwise not socially acceptable. This is the life I live, and I really enjoy hearing the feedback from my readers. Thanks so much. …

I hope everyone has a great summer and keep dodging the storms and distracted drivers. Be safe and keep the shiny side up!

So, until next month, speed safely!