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Born To Ride Women’s World Open Road Girl-Sandy Weaver, Story By: Myra McElhaney

Published on May 21, 2018 under Blog
Born To Ride Women’s World Open Road Girl-Sandy Weaver, Story By: Myra McElhaney

Riding Fearlessly
By Myra McElhaney

Sandy Weaver rode on her brother’s dirt bike when she was a kid. When riding at the dirt track with the boys she hit a patch of sand and dumped the bike. Her dad rescued her, and despite the fall she still thought riding was cool!
At age nineteen Sandy moved to Washington, DC where she had a sports car and sometimes rode on back of a boyfriend’s bike. She really wanted to drive her own! When that boyfriend was history and she was just about to buy a motorcycle, Sandy met a new man. A man who didn’t like motorcycles! Somehow despite that major flaw she ended up marrying him.
With motorcycle riding on the back burner, Sandy was busy building a career in radio. Having started at the small, local radio station in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia, she moved to Boston, MA, Arlington, VA and Washington, DC. Sandy worked her way up through the ranks as an assistant program director, promotions assistant, mid-day and afternoon drive time on-air personality, music director and on to morning show host.
While rising through the ranks in radio, Sandy was very involved in another hobby that’s dear to her heart. She owns and shows Siberian Huskies. Enamored with those beautiful amazing animals she’s owned as many as six at a time! For a while she trained dogs for other people but that wasn’t as exciting as showing dogs.
Have you ever watched dog shows on TV and seen the person at the center of the ring directing the dogs around? That’s the judge. After traveling the country showing her own dogs, Sandy became interested in judging. Judges aren’t judging dogs against other dogs. They’re assessing each dog to the breed standard to find the perfect standard of that specific breed. To do that you need to study, test and become certified in each breed you judge. Sandy is approved by the American Kennel Club to judge eleven different dog breeds and is working toward additional certifications.
Sandy and her husband moved to Atlanta where she continued in radio for a bit before starting her own business. As CEO and Program Director for The Center for Workplace Happiness, Sandy works with corporations and associations to increase morale, pump up productivity and boost the bottom line. Her radio background helps her to emcee events, interview experts, produce audio books and podcasts and to write articles and blogs. With an #1-selling author with “The Happiness Recipe” as well as an award-winning author with “The Original MBA – Succeed in business using Mom’s Best Advice,” Sandy is considered an expert on Happiness. (You can learn more about Sandy’s business at and @SandyWeaverHappiness on Facebook.
After a successful radio career, starting her own business and thirty years of marriage, the non-motorcycle husband is now a ‘wasband’! (He was her husband, get it?)
By the time the ink was dry on the divorce papers Sandy had signed up for a motorcycle safety class! After getting the ‘M’ on her driver’s license, she purchased a Whisky-colored Harley-Davidson Softail Slim.
Wanting a special name for her bike, Sandy went to the process she’d always used for naming her Siberians. As a professional radio personality, music is very important so each one was named for a song or singer.
The two dogs she currently has are Duffy, named for Stephen Duffy of Barenaked Ladies and Henley after Don Henley of the Eagles. Since riding makes her feel fearless, Sandy named her bike after the song, “Fearless by Taylor Swift.” She calls her Taylor.
Sandy had an amazing sketch she’d drawn years ago of a very special Siberian named Vin. She was able to get a friend to wrap her helmet with the sketch of Vin’s face.
Now when Sandy rides Taylor she mixes her love of motorcycles, Siberians and music! She feels fearless and with her special helmet knowing Vin has her back!

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