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Spyke & Mike

Published on May 11, 2018 under Blog
Spyke & Mike

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it Too!
It’s been a beautiful spring my BTR friends. There hasn’t been much rain, perfect riding temperature, and I’m really enjoying the Fat Bird 2. Next month you’ll be able to see all the pictures of my fantastic build and me riding on it. Or is that flying? I’m not really sure since I am a bird.
After the demise of the original Fat Bird, Mike swore off going back to Leesburg. It took some arm twisting from his good friends, Breen and Terry, owners of KoolKats Saloon in Belleview, to show up for the weekend and emcee a party Saturday afternoon. I got to hang out and jam with my buddy Jimmy Sparks, while Mike entertained the crowd between sets with his biker shenanigans culminating with a frozen T-shirt contest. A lot of our friends showed up and created some memorable Kodak moments. I just had to block out what happened to us last year and enjoy the fun times.

Mike breaks in, “Thanks to Breen, the accommodations were awesome. Staying close to the edge of the Ocala National Forest gave us a chance to get some great riding in.” Mike found a few new biker destinations in the upper part of the forest. He told me, “During the day I made mental notes on their whereabouts.” I squawked back, “Yeah right! Your mental note while riding means it goes in through your eyes and out through your ears pulled by the swirl of the air rushing over the windscreen.” He replied, “Well at least I have no cobwebs up there.” I cackled, “You’re right, it’s all dust in the wind.”
Speaking of high jinks, Mike will be taking his show out to Bartow and putting the fun back in the Fun Bar at their Spring Fling and Bike Night, Friday, May 13th. They’ve got a huge fire pit out back, a burnout pit for motorcycles, and a kick-ass band lined up.

So let the games begin! Mike will have the usual championship slow race, weenie bite, and a gray beard contest to go along with his crazy vibrator racing and tricycle jousting. We will be looking forward to the experience and having some fun with a different crowd of friends from Polk County and central Florida. Head on out, get your picture taken with me, and maybe I’ll even go for a ride with you. He’ll have lots of giveaways, Born To Ride will be doing a TV taping and a magazine shoot.

Now, if you have no plans on the second Friday night of every month and need some wind time, jump on your scoot and join the party. If you’d like more information, check out their ad in the magazine. Be there or be square.

Speaking of checking things out, Mike’s brother from the other mother, fellow Florginian (AKA a Virginia transplant), and damn good front man for the bands Big Deal and Nuthin’ Fancy, Tommy “Roxx” Douthat married his sweetheart, Peppermint Patty Marker, on April 22nd. I got lucky enough to be included in the ceremony. Actually, it was just a small part of the cake cutting ritual which worked out well for me ‘cuz I love cake! Mike chimes in, “It was a spectacular event seeing those long-time lovebirds tie the knot. The Prodigal Sons were there in force. So were a couple hundred of their closest friends and family for the great occasion. It was a beautiful ceremony for an awesome couple. Tommy and Patty look so stunning and happy in their wedding best. And you had your cake and ate it too.”

I ask him, “Did you hear about the love affair between the sugar and the cream?” Mike scratches his head and replies, “no but I love a good story.” I cackle, “There’s no story you dumbass! It was icing on the cake! And you know Mike, how much I love cake, I would never dessert you.”
Mike smiles and laughs, “Awww Spyke, you’re the best! But, I think I’d like you even better dipped in barbecue sauce. During the reception, Patty asked me if I knew the difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu? You were out on the dance floor doing the funky chicken so I didn’t know what to tell her.”
I squawk, “Come on Mike that’s an easy one. If you have bird flu, you need tweetment. If you have swine flu, you need oinkment! Don’t you have things to get ready for the Fun Bar Bike Night?”
Mike replies, “I’ve been getting everything ready and I took a break to come and see how you were doing with your story. I think we both need some wind therapy. Finish dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. I’ll go get the Fat Bird 2 out of the garage and fire it up.”

Mike comes back, picks me up from in front of the keyboard, and plops my feathered ass on the scoot. He takes off like a wedding dress after the reception and gets my wings in the wind, his knees in the breeze, and the Fat Bird 2’s wheels rolling down the road.

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