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Meaning of Memorial Day

Published on May 10, 2018 under Blog
Meaning of Memorial Day

I have approached this subject several times over the years, Memorial Day is not the official start of summer, nor should it be the reason for a 3-day long weekend of parties, barbecues, or car sales.
Memorial Day has had several names over the 150 years of its existence; however, the reason for Memorial Day stays the same. The day is for honoring and showing respect for those who have been killed while serving in the military, beginning with the Civil War through current military engagements.
Over the years Memorial Day has diminished as a national holiday and has became the unofficial start of summer and big box store specials. Why has it gotten to that point?
Simply stated, people don’t seem to care as much as they have in the past. With only 10% of the American population having served in the military, the other 90% seems to have forgotten what the actual cost of freedom is, those who have given their lives.

Cemeteries will have small American Flags placed on the final resting places of our warriors and American Flags should be flown at half staff from dawn until noon at which time they will be brought back to full staff (or to the top of the pole).

To properly bring the Flag to the half staff position the flag should be raised to the upper most position on the staff and then lowered to the half way position.
Now you should have some idea as to what Memorial Day represents and what respect and dignity the day should be shown.
Please say a special prayer for those who we have lost over the years. God Bless America and those who serve in uniform. It’s not about the war; it’s about those who serve to protect us.

Terry Longpre