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Craven Moorehead – MAY I SEND YOU A MESSAGE?

Published on May 11, 2018 under Blog
Craven Moorehead – MAY I SEND YOU A MESSAGE?

With all the recent activity in my life, it becomes unusually difficult for me to enjoy just hanging out or being my usual rotten self. I have been constantly reminded of my degenerate lifestyle and lack of reasonable income, plus the fact that no matter what I do, some kind of crap comes up that prevents my happiness and success. Well, not really. I mean, it could be worse – much worse.

Here’s an example: I had to go to the office today to do some business and when I left there, RT60 was in total Eastbound chaos. There was some sort of serious accident involving a motorcycle which spread small pieces of debris and parts all the way across the 3 eastbound lanes. If I had arrived an hour later, I wouldn’t have been able to make the turnaround to the BTR office. Evidently, this was fairly serious and every type of police and emergency vehicle were present on the scene. Every month I remind all of you, my dedicated readers, to look out for and respect the motorcycle riders that are out there using our nation’s highways. I suspect that most of you actually have and ride a motorcycle, but this message goes out to the general public: Watch out for and respect motorcyclists and remember to share the road! Correctly. … And we all said please and Amen. (No, I’m not really a preacher)

Originally, I was going to write the majority of this story about Lynne’s hair. You see, Eddie and Lynne are Co-Hosts on Born To Ride radio on Tuesday night. We have a lot of fun doing it and it provides a ton of valuable information to those of us who ride. But Lynne’s hair is so large it allegedly has its own zip code and area code. On Born To Ride radio it simply has its own cameras and it’s a topic of discussion on most of the shows but not the most important of topics. I love doing Talk-Radio, and I know that Lynne and Eddie do also, but we are trying to do something good for our local community and worldwide.

I can’t seem to avoid the “Talk-Radio” circuit because I have a really cool radio on the bagger, and infrequently the radio in my old pickup still works. I used to listen to the CD player on the bagger or try to find the ‘one out of many’ stations that didn’t play the same worn out seven songs between commercials. Good radio is hard to find nowadays – especially when you want to rock out or enjoy some progressive country music that doesn’t make ya want to cry in your beer. Anyhow, following talk-radio has brought me to the same plateau that watching television does. Maybe I shouldn’t say plateau, I should say cliff. Yeah you know, the one you wanna jump off when you’ve had enough BS in your life from the regulated media. And this revelation that I was given by listening to regular radio be it talk, music, or a combination of both brought me back to my abnormal reality.

So with all the aforementioned conflicting and sometimes useless information that I am supplying you, I decided to get back in the Internet broadcasting business, largely due to the fact that I had extra room in my new location and moreover my personal desire to try to make things better for the general public and bikers, whether that constituent is listening or not. Honestly, I hate to just talk about radio in general and I am continually trying to change it with the help of Born To Ride.

The truth of the matter is that wherever you go, you will still be exposed to the same ‘media’ slant that all the regulated outlets cram down your throat. Unless you live in a small town where you can actually call into a radio station and get your request played, you are pretty much stuck with what you get. … I am trying to change that.

For what it’s worth, I believe that in the very near future the Internet is where all you regular people will get all your entertainment. It’s alarming to observe the huge number of people who get all their content from their phones … be it TV, radio, or movies the Internet has taken the forefront in the delivery of your content. For better or worse, just live with it. You are stuck with it. ….

R.I.P. Craven Moorehead, Your Words Will Live On Forever

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