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Terry Longpre 04-13-18

Published on April 13, 2018 under Blog
Terry Longpre 04-13-18

American Patriot’s

As a youngster, I skateboarded down the south side of the ‘new’ Desoto Bridge. That was back in the day when the boards were made of wood, about 18”x6” and had wooden wheels. On my ride down the bridge unencumbered by any traffic (imagine that) I reached the bottom and the wheels disintegrated leaving me with a road rash.

As someone who has lived here for a while I personally feel it will not benefit those who travel the bridge to have a ‘fly’ anything (over or under) bridge built. If you need a new bridge build it, nothing fancy, just a bridge.

What is the point of being able to transgress the bridge quickly when you reach either end, the traffic is stalled?

The answer to our terrible traffic conditions is to STOP building homes and businesses within Manatee County until the infrastructure can catch up if that is at all possible.

Manatee Operation Troop Support (MOTS)
When MOTS first stated I volunteered for several years. Back then it was headquartered at King Middle School in west Bradenton. We would accept donations, fill, wrap and mail packages for those military members from Manatee County once a month.

MOTS is an outstanding program helping veterans from both Manatee and Sarasota counties and they are having a fundraiser on April 21st at Kirby Stewart AL Post 24 (2000 75th Street W, Bradenton) where you will be able to eat and dance to the Billy Rice Band. For more information on this worthy endeavor please contact Linda Craig at either 941-782-0748 or motsfl.pagevamp.com and support our troops.

American Patriot
On April 9th, Patriots Guard Riders (PGR) escorted a vehicle with the cremains of Mr. and Mrs. Beckwith’s to the Sarasota National Cemetery which was being driven by their daughter and granddaughter. Where were met by family, friends and the Knights of Columbus for the service. The PGR also stood a flag line at the memorial service for Louis Joseph Beckwith, Sr. (USA Corporal). Mr. Beckwith was a Korean War veteran who recently passed away, his wife passed last year.

Mr. Beckwith served with honor in the US Army during the Korean War. At age 18 he enlisted and was assigned to the 11th Airborne’s 187th RCT (Regimental Combat Team) known as the Rakkasan’s.

Mr. Beckwith made three major jumps in Korea, Sunchin and Sukchon (North Korea) in October 1950 – Battle of Yongju (Battle of the Apple Orchard) and then part of Operation Tomahawk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Tomahawk) with the airborne assault at Munsan-ni in March of 1951, where he was wounded and received his Purple Heart. By the time Louis left the military, he had accumulated a total of twenty medals and ribbons. God bless those who have served to protect us here and around the world, as well as their families.

Please remember, those families who may want the PGR to attend a funeral or memorial service they must be invited by the family, it is not automatic. Most of the funeral homes in the area have the necessary contact information. If not, go to https://www.patriotguard.org/forms.php?do=form&fid=1 to request their presence.

God bless America.

Terry Longpre