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Published on April 3, 2018 under Blog

Cycle World of Athens

Whether you’re walking around the showroom, retail areas, or the and service department (customers aren’t allowed for safety reasons) one can’t help but notice how friendly everyone is. I was approached by Service Manager Jim Russell as he was wrapping up a visit with a local longtime customer/vendor. As with everyone I spoke to, Jim is very approachable and takes time to chat even though there are bikes up on every lift and his team is furiously wrenching. Jim told me they have technicians with experience ranging from Steve with 30 years to new guys who have only been there 2+ years. In total there are over 100 Years of motorcycle and ATV service experience represented in their team of technicians and support personnel.


There is an old adage in the retail bike business that says “R=R” or Rides Equals Revenue. That comes across as a somewhat cold and crass equation that points to an almost greedy business truism. It is refreshing in this very competitive motorcycle day and age that there is a local shop who understands the key to sustaining and growing their organization by building and maintaining relationships than just making a buck. It’s obvious that GM Shelly Embrick and the team strive to focus on the customer and their experiences and interactions while at ACW. In my brief time riding biker culture has shown me that people who ride love to meet and chat with other riders and you invariably find common ground and interests, this was also the case when chatting with everyone in the ACW organization. I constantly ran into people who offered a warm greeting and a smile; we invariably found common interests in both our biking life and life in general. There’s no wonder they have several multi-year veterans in the Cycle Worl of Athens family.

Phil Gauthier


Cycle World of Athens
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Address: 4225 Atlanta Hwy. Athens, GA 30606
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