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Another Month, Another Baseless Story – Craven Moorehead

Published on April 5, 2018 under Craven Moorehead
Another Month, Another Baseless Story – Craven Moorehead

I was just sittin here in the trailer park watching Jerry Springer when I was reminded what time of the month it was. Oh crap … I didn’t turn in my column yet this month and yeah, it’s a short month. For some reason, I was dreaming that it was July but alas, it wasn’t. The thought of time, days and deadlines didn’t really cross my mind. I was simply relaxing here thinking about going to Daytona for Bike Week and other pleasant thoughts – or unobtainable dreams and not so much about obligations and tasks that really need to be done.

It’s a slow and simple life out here in the country, and there is little motivation to get too excited about things that must get done in a certain amount of time. At this point in my life, I have little or no concept of time, either previously elapsed or remaining in the future. It’s one of those deals. As long as I wake up above ground I assume that there are endless possibilities. If I make it from the bed to the kitchen for coffee anything is possible and after a half a pot or so, I can consider functioning as a regular human being – whatever that is. Often, I wonder what a ‘normal’ life is. Most of us have jobs, ambitions and the enjoyment of reaping the rewards from our various occupations. That’s the thing that keeps most of us driving on, pushing forward and continuing to do chores that we don’t really like to do as a simple matter of survival. Fortunately, I enjoy writing and sometimes it allows me to be able to relate what’s going on in my life, at least it gives me a minute to see which way the road is going to turn – so to speak. None of us really know. This is a long road and the twists and turns often remind us that, even though we think we know where we are going, sometimes fate has a different idea and we can find ourselves on a back-road to nowhere in minutes. It’s okay people, just enjoy the scenery!

Once, I was involved in a motorcycle organization that often demanded that I be somewhere at a certain time. I remember that in this scenario, I couldn’t get there the day before to enjoy a bit of down time because believe it or not – I had a job! Again, this was years back when I was lucky enough to be employed so I had to do something that I would not normally do. No, I didn’t get on an airplane and ask for a ride to the event, I got up at 4 AM and met with some of the guys so we could be there to attend the gig and do our part to help the community and our group. It’s a beautiful thing to leave early on the bike and watch the sun come up on the horizon, hear the crisp sound of the pipes almost all in unison and feel the brotherhood of the road! I don’t know if there is a better feeling and at the end of the day, even if you are tired, you know in your heart that the journey was worth it! So is the good feeling we get as bikers really worth it? Of course it is. Even though we are often given a bad rap by the media or sometimes looked down upon by the local authorities, in the end it all seems to be worth it. I suspect that most of you would agree on this subject and yeah, it costs a few bucks to stay wide-open in the fast lane but we can all look back the good we have done as a loosely knitted community of people that all share the same passion!

The freedom and benevolence of motorcycling and living on the road are much more important than the nay-sayers comments and opinions of our unique lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t change a thing! The experiences and journeys that we share out there on the highway are far more important than the opinions of the unknowing. If you want to denigrate the life that we lead, at least try it once and hey, if you don’t like it, simply move on. There is no need for negative commentary and foolish myths that have persisted for generations and beyond simply because we are different. Let’s just keep up the good work and keep helping our organizations and communities like we always do. It is our destiny after all.

So now. Thunder Beach is upon us. You are likely reading this at the event, or perhaps before or after it, but either way simply be reminded that the people next to you are your brothers and sisters who came to enjoy the same scene that you did. Years ago, I wrote an entire article regarding this unique event. I can’t remember if it was titled ‘Come for Vacation and leave on Probation’ or whatever but keep this in mind – there are a lot of people out there who still don’t ‘get’ our lifestyle and some don’t like it too much. Unfortunately, certain factions of the local authorities aren’t big fans of this event and I can tell you that it isn’t a pretty scene in the Volusia County Jail. All I can do is attempt to implore the thought on all of you to do your absolute best to stay the heck out of trouble and don’t fall victim to the potholes and downfalls that can ruin a good time! We are all out here to have fun so let’s keep it at that and enjoy the event and the nuance that is the biker life!

By Craven Moorhead

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