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Terry Longpre 03-30-18

Published on March 30, 2018 under Blog
Terry Longpre 03-30-18

American Patriot’s


Over the years I have sadly witnessed our society falling apart and somewhat of a revolution in the United States.

For many years, the decline of the mainstays of America has increased due to the continual, unrelenting beating from those who have nothing to do but complain instead of helping to make us an even better nation.

We have heard screams from career politicians whose only real claim to fame is just that, being a politician.

I have said in the past one of the things which bothers me was the attack in Benghazi almost six years ago. Someone didn’t care enough to send help to those under attack because it was said, “there wasn’t enough time.”

Of course, nothing happened because of who was calling the shots. Since then there have been numerous cases where cover-ups were discovered, lies told, destruction of evidence and still, nothing has happened. Thousands of hours of investigation and hundreds of hours of Congressional testimony at taxpayer expense and surprise, surprise still nothing has happened.

I spent years as a Detective and I can tell you these cases would have been investigated if allowed under Florida statutes, charges filed, and someone’s backside would be sitting a jail in under six months. Does someone want to explain to me what the problem is with the federal government? Is it kickbacks, fear, corruption, greed, power or something else? This type of governmental abuse must stop. We the People should demand it!

Sadly Floyd Carter Sr. passed away on March 8th at the age of 95. Most folks will not recognize his name; however, you will know who he was. Floyd was one of the infamous WWII black fighter pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen who flew in Europe during WWII, Floyd also flew in Korea and Vietnam. He was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal for his efforts by President George W. Bush on March 27th, 2007.

After his retirement from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel, Floyd was employed by the New York Police Department for 27 years.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with eight of the ‘Airmen’ and I was totally impressed with these gentlemen.

Thanks to all Tuskegee Airmen who were truly American Patriots who served and broke the color barriers opening the military services for all who followed.

I received an email which contained a video of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin regarding the shootings in schools and the possession of weapons. This video explains why these shootings continue to climb in number because of the press coverage causing copycat incidents. Like I have said before, it’s not the weapons it’s the person who has their finger on the trigger.


My sister sent me an email containing a song by Billy Ray Cyrus and while going over his hits I came across ‘Some Gave All’ which is one of my favorites. It is written with a heavy heart and should be listened to by all Americans. There are those who gave their lives to protect the rest of us. http://www.kentuckynewera.com/multimedia/video/news/youtube_c2674705-960f-52ed-b8d8-9d2c34d514e4.html

God bless those who serve to protect us.

Terry Longpre

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