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Terry Longpre 03-22-18

Published on March 22, 2018 under Blog
Terry Longpre 03-22-18

American Patriot’s

Last Thursday I attended the 46th Annual Sarasota Community Prayer Breakfast along with 399 other Christians. To my amazement not one word was spoken regarding anything to do with politics. It was very pleasant to sit and listen to people who believe in Christianity and what it means to us personally, to this country and the world.

Victoria Finely presided over the morning’s schedule and did an outstanding job and the presentation of the Colors was done by Sarasota VFW Post 3233.  There were readings from the Bible and the Torah and Assistant State Ride Captain Henry Hyde (Patriot Guard Riders) gave an emotional prayer and short speech for our leadership.

The musical performance was a wonderful group by the name of ‘The Ditchfield Family Singers’ who I had never heard before and I was very impressed with their performance.

The keynote speaker was none other than locally born and raised Tino Wallenda of the Flying Wallenda’s. Tino used a small steel pipe balance system which simulated a high wire. He gave the Wallenda’s family history and spoke of his love of Jesus Christ and how his faith has directed him throughout his life. He walked the pipe system showing how to balance and then sat in a wooden chair, then on top of the back of it all the while speaking to us about his Christian life. If you would be interested in attending this function next year go to http://fellowshipfoundationofsarasota.org/ for more information.

Vietnam Veterans and Medal of Honor Day

March 29th is not only Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day it is also Medal of Honor Day. I want to personally thank my brothers and sisters who served in Vietnam. They never received the recognition coming home which others did from other wars, yet most of us would do the same thing again if asked.

After 9-11, I spoke with three different recruiters to see if there was any way I could get back into uniform. I was told by all three I was too old to serve. Note to the military leaders, old is a state of mind. Old folks have nothing to lose and will fight to the death if allowed to do so to protect this country. We have been there and done that, at least 10% of us. When you see someone, who is or has served in the military, thank them.

I have met three men who have received the Medal of Honor and all three are extremely humble when you speak with them. They all do what they can for those who have served, are serving or who lost their lives serving this great nation. You will very seldom see me utilize the word ‘hero’ and it is because in my estimation the word is overused by too many people. Having said that, I do use hero when speaking of those who have received the Medal of Honor. What they did may have been training or a knee-jerk reaction or both, but it saved many soldiers’ lives (all services).

God bless our veterans, both serving and those who have served as well as the United States of America.

Terry Longpre

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