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Terry Longpre 02-02-18

Published on February 2, 2018 under Blog
Terry Longpre 02-02-18

American Patriot’s

Well, once again the NFL (National Football League) has tripped over their collective cleats. First, they allowed players to kneel during the National Anthem. This time they turned down a two-word advisement saying “#PleaseStand” with a photo of the Military color guard.

I must be missing something, but then again, I’m not a sports fan. I feel the players are paid an ungodly amount of money to play a kid’s game. I understand the NFL has made football a
humongous American sport which has a massive following and more power to them, that is what America is about. However, the venue is not the place for disrespecting those who serve in the military or are employed in law enforcement.

What I do know is this, patriots are standing their ground and not attending the games, which is affecting the teams and the NFL’s bottom line. As someone who served in the military, I ask
the players to find another venue to voice their displeasure with world affairs, not during the NFL games.

Over the years there have been many players such as Luckman, LeBaron, Bleier, Bednarik, McAfee, Staubach, Turner, Campbell, Hornung, Villanueva and Pat Tillman who left the league after 9/11 and fought and died (friendly fire) in Afghanistan, don’t disrespect your past player either.

We are talking about an entertainment business, and I would think the commissioner could put a one-sentence letter out to all players “Stand for the National Anthem, protest somewhere else.” It seems simple to me and it could possibly bring back the estimated 25-30% of the fans they lost over this fight. Now wouldn’t that be easy, problem solved. Now let us all once again stand as a united nation.

My wife and I went to Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota Thursday night to see Paul Anka. I must tell you, I felt like a lone seal swimming in a pod of orcas during their summertime migration. I never go to places like the ‘Purple Cow,’ I’m just a cowboy at heart and I really don’t have the refinement necessary for occasions such as these.

First problem, what to wear? I was told no jeans by the boss then she pretty much dressed me by picking out my clothes.

Upon our arrival I looked around the lobby and said to myself, ‘I can do this,’ which I did and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We were there with two friends who absolutely enjoyed the show.

The drawing factor was the man on the stage (Paul Anka) who is the husband of my wife’s cousin.

If you feel you can’t seem to get out of bed and get going in the morning go to one of his shows. The man never stops moving, singing, talking to the crowd or individuals. I have a pretty good ear for music and I’m pretty sure he never missed a note. If you have never seen Paul Anka in concert, put it on your ‘gotta do’ list, you will surely enjoy it. The man is a human dynamo of energy and has many talents.

God bless America and those who serve to protect us daily.

Terry Longpre

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