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Terry Longpre 01-19-18

Published on January 19, 2018 under Blog
Terry Longpre 01-19-18

American Patriot’s

Saturday, I was on my way to the Manatee County Fair keeping in mind the parade honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr would be 250 minutes to get to the fairgrounds due to traffic backups on US-301 and a standstill of traffic in downtown Palmetto.

As I sat in the gridlock caused by the parade and fair traffic on Desoto and Green bridges both north and southbound as well as all main arteries I became concerned for the welfare and safety of the citizens in Manatee County.

The traffic was at a standstill and not even an ambulance could get through to the hospitals south of the Manatee River in a timely manner. It also caused me concern over road rage and the possibility of vehicle accidents.

It may be time to move the parade to Bradenton due to it occurs at the same time the Manatee County Fair is in progress. With the yearly increase of folks moving into the county it may be time for a change for what I feel is obvious reasons.

Before anyone gets themselves in an uproar over the suggestion I have been and am a firm believer in what Dr. King did and said for the most part over his short life. Everyone can learn something from his speeches and writings.

Last Friday, I attended the Celebration of Life and Memorial Service for Navy Lieutenant Steven Combs, Jr. who died doing what he loved to do, flying. He was able to land the C-2A Greyhound transport aircraft in 12-foot seas after a catastrophic engine failure by the book thus saving eight persons onboard. Sadly, Steve and two others perished in the lading.

The fuselage was located in 18,500 feet and recovery of the plane and those onboard will occur as soon as possible.

What Lt. Combs did was nothing short of a miracle in saving his crew members and passengers at the cost of his own life. This young man is a person I would call an American Patriot and Hero. I do not utilize the word hero very much as it is overused by almost everyone when it is not appropriate.

He will be sorely missed by his family and friends, but they should rest assured many others who did not know Steve will miss him also.

Go to http://www.flyersprayer.com/ to read the Flyer’s Prayer which was inside the Celebration of Life Bulletin passed out at Patriot Plaza located at Sarasota National Cemetery during the service.

During the service twenty-four, Patriot Guard Riders stood a silent flag line in quiet respect for Lt. Combs, his family, and friends.

Tuesday the first ever parade honoring military veterans was held at the Manatee County Fair to show appreciation for those who have served to protect us around the world. Over a hundred veterans paraded as hundreds of fairgoers waved American flags, cheered and clapped for those passing before them. Once again, the Patriot Guard Riders were there to support the veterans. Thank you PalmettoBuild for sponsoring the event.

God bless those who are and have served to protect us around the world.

Terry Longpre

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