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PASSING OTHER VEHICLES – Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Published on January 3, 2018 under Born To Ride
PASSING OTHER VEHICLES  – Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Search: Traveling again along a two-lane state highway, you approach a slow-moving vehicle and make a decision to pass. Passing on a motorcycle is not substantially different than passing in a car, though (as is always the case on a motorcycle) taking steps to ensure your own visibility is more important when you are riding. Take every possible step to be sure the driver you are overtaking is aware of you.

Evaluate: Make sure there is a good opportunity to pass. Check for oncoming traffic, and gauge whether or not there is sufficient clear roadway available to complete the passing maneuver safely.

Execute: Once you have determined that it is safe to pass: move to the left portion of the lane, at a safe following distance. This will increase your line of sight, and also make you more visible. Signal and perform a final traffic check, remembering to glance in your mirrors and also make a head check to look for traffic approaching from behind. Move into the left lane and accelerate. Select a lane position that maintains a sufficient space cushion between you and the car you are passing, but that also leaves you the space to avoid hazards that may appear in the oncoming lane. Signal to return to your lane, and check your mirrors and perform a head check to make sure you won’t cut off the car you just passed before returning to your lane. Resume SEEing
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