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Happy New Year

Published on January 4, 2018 under Blog
Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As we enter the year 2018 several things come to mind. 241 plus years ago the United States became an official federal republic (a country which is governed by elected representatives rather than being ruled by a king, queen or self-imposed leader) on July 4, 1776.

Our established nation’s motto at the time was ‘E pluribus Unum’ which in Latin translates to ‘out of many, one’ meaning 13 colonies formed into one nation.

From that basic conception of a United States created with the health and welfare of all its people in mind to what we are experiencing today. I feel we are now driven by wealth, fame, hate, narcissism, anti-Christian movements and other personal agendas.

As far as the attacks on our Judeo-Christian background by those who feel they have ‘the right’, I refer back to President Dwight Eisenhower who changed our motto to ‘In God We Trust’ in 1956.

The cornerstone of our government always has been based on a religious belief from the beginning. Even with that belief, we as a nation are not perfect by any means, however, that basic belief lifts us as a nation to a much higher position than most of the nations and countries around the world today.

My New Year’s wish is that we, as a Nation once again come together for the betterment of those who live here. Having said that, people coming from other countries for the peace, prosperity, and equality the United States can provide should assimilate into our society. If they find that to be harmful or offensive to them for whatever, then they should consider a better place to live and by the way, good luck.


Manatee County Fair

The fair will be run from January 11th through the 21st, 2018. The entire Manatee County Fair schedule can be found at –  http://manateecountyfair.com/schedules-entertain.htm.

One event I want to bring to the attention of military veterans both presently serving and those who have served is the 1st ever Veterans Parade (walking about 1/8th mile at most) which will occur on January 16th between 6 pm and 7 pm. Those veterans who utilize walkers, canes or wheelchairs can be dropped off at the front/main gate at the corner of 17th St. W and 13th Ave, Palmetto for entering the fairgrounds. Please be at the front/main gate by 5:30 pm and be ready to receive a thank you from those attending the fair. Wear something patriotic or military.

For those who would like to thank the veterans, there will be small American Flags passed out to wave as you line the short parade route.

For any military, veterans or patriotic organizations who want to participate please contact Carl Hunsinger (Manatee County Veterans Council) at chair@my-mcvc.org. If any Veteran Organization would like to set up a table on this night, please let Carl know.

The 16th is ‘free’ fair day for all sponsored by PalmettoBuild (https://www.palmettobuild.info/about.html).

All I personally want for the new year is peace, harmony, unity, and respect for our great nation, as well as respect for those who serve to protect us daily and have done so over the last 241 plus years.

Happy New Year and God bless America and those who protect us.


Terry Longpre

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