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Florida Cigar Club Report

Published on January 3, 2018 under Born To Ride
Florida Cigar Club Report

For many of us, Kipling said it best “a good Cigar is a Smoke.” Now add a group of cigar aficionados to the equation and you have the makings of a cigar club. We spoke with Mike Palmer the founder of the Florida Cigar Club about his passion for a good smoke and good company.

Mike, tell us about the Florida Cigar Club?
It all started in 2014, my wife told me to find a hobby. I was already an avid cigar smoker, so I decided to start a Facebook group called the Florida Cigar Club Lounge. It has grown over the last 3 ½ years to what we have now the Florida Cigar Club (FCC).

How many members do you have?
As of this past Saturday, which is the day we add new members (had to be cut down to one day a week because we are getting about 10 a week) 436 members statewide.

Are there any general guidelines that members must follow?
We have a set of rules that each member must adhere to:
1. Be nice
2. No Buying/Selling/Trading of Cigars and accessories on the main page
3. All content and photos have to be PG-13 rated
4. All posts must be cigar related
5. You must post or comment once every two weeks to stay a member
6. You must be a resident of Florida

Do you have any major events that the club holds?
We have three big events each year.
1. The Clubs Birthday (June)
2. Holiday Party (December)
3. Spring Meet and Greet (April)

How about location, where are the events held?
We rotate the events each year to allow members to go to as many events as possible. This year our Meet and Greet event was held in the Clearwater Area. The Birthday Party occurred in North Cape Coral and the Holiday party will be here in Deltona at Cigar Hustler our headquarters.

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Now, how about weekly or monthly get-togethers, do you have weekly outings?
We have several weekly events in regional areas that allow for members to get out and meet each other for fellowship and a chance to just enjoy the hobby of cigars.
1. The Weekly Tradition meets in the Tamp/Clearwater/St Pete Area
2. Jokes and Smokes covers Brandon/North Tamp/Lakeland
3. East Side Boyz are West Palm to Fort Lauderdale
4. Downtown Fellas are Fort Lauderdale to Miami
5. Sticks Movie Night is every Wednesday in North Fort Meyers

In addition to this, we have a monthly meetup in Orlando just called “Orlando Meetup” and one in Apollo Beach area called “The Breakfast Club” where they meet for breakfast then a cigar shop for a mid-morning stick.

Wow, it seems like there is a lot of work to this hobby of yours, do you have any help?
Dominic Gemelli and I run the day to day operations and maintenance of the club through Facebook. But we have three admins who help us keep track of all the events. As you can see it’s all about getting out and making new friends. Smoking and discussing cigars is a social hobby, or it’s supposed to be, so why not take advantage of things we all have in common and love while making friends.

It sounds like there is a strong sense of fraternity within the Florida Cigar Club?
The FCC has become a huge part of many people’s lives. In the last three and a half years I have had the rare opportunity to go to several members birthday parties, been a part of members weddings, the birth of their children and stood with them at funerals of their loved ones. This group for many is now their Family.

Mike if someone wants to know more about the Florida Cigar Club what should that person do?
Visit our Facebook page Florida Cigar Club


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