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Make It a Great Ride! – Women’s World

Published on December 26, 2017 under Blog
Make It a Great Ride! – Women’s World

When June Cline was about ten years old her mama’s brother, ‘Uncle James’ picked her up, sat her on back of his bike and said, “Hold on!” Off they went! June was terrified, excited and hooked. She loved it!

Unfortunately, at the end of that short ride, June’s mama was furious. “If I ever catch you on the back of a motorcycle again I’ll beat you half to death,” her mama admonished. “You can die on those things!”

As a teen, June’s first boyfriend William had a bike. (A secret from Mama!) June would slip off, saying she was going to a girlfriend’s house. She’d hop on the back of William’s bike and they’d go all around town. Once she almost got caught when they pulled up to a traffic light only to see Mama’s car in the next lane. She hid her face, William turned at the light and they escaped the wrath of Mama.

After high school June was busy with college, marriage, moving around the country and building a career, but she never forgot the thrill and vowed that someday she’d own and ride a Harley.

When she was 53 she had an interesting opportunity. She and a friend were driving across the county. The friend was on the phone then turned to June saying, “So do you want a Harley or not?”

The friend’s daughter-in-law was having to sell her practically new Harley-Davidson 883 Custom Deluxe Sportster. June bought it sight unseen and had it delivered to her home. Then she signed up for classes to learn to ride.

It was more of a challenge than she anticipated. Her motorcycle class named her ‘most likely NOT to succeed.’ Every time she went out her bike would just fall over at every stop light and intersection. The name “Unsinkable Molly Brown” came to mind as she wouldn’t let dropping it stop her. Wanting a more upbeat name she christened her, “Good Golly Ms. Molly.” Three instructors later, June finally learned to keep Ms. Molly balanced and they’ve now ridden over 45,000 miles.
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June has even incorporated riding into her day job. A humorist and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP™) entertaining audiences across the country, June shares personal stories she calls ‘IMOs.’ Idiot Moments. Those embarrassing everyday incidents that happen when you least expect it. Based on her research of humor and a ‘Humor Style Assessment’ she created, she teaches companies that there is a return on investment of
laughing out loud.

Now June is known as the Southern, Sassy and Savvy Harley-Riding Humorist! Many of her funniest and most requested IMO’s come from learning to ride and from her adventures on Good Golly Ms. Molly. From corporate audiences to comedy clubs she knows how to rev up an audience and have them howling with laughter!

‘Make It a Great Ride’ is the one-woman show June performs on stage at convention centers across the US and Canada, and in renowned comedy clubs like Rick’s House of Comedy in Phoenix, AZ and The Punchline in Atlanta, GA.
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Motorcycle groups have become one of her favorite audiences. June appeared at the Steel Horse Sisterhood’s Women’s Motorcycle Summits in both Ouray, CO and Pigeon Forge, TN. She’s entertained the North Georgia Mountain Riders and various H.O.G. Chapters.

When she’s not making people laugh out loud or riding Good Golly Ms. Molly on the beautiful twisty back roads of North Georgia, June is home in Kennesaw, Georgia with her “mens” as she calls them. With the light-of-her-life, Jerry Cline, and their rescued crazed Shih Tzu, the Lucky Man they make life a great ride! You can learn more about June at www.JuneCline. com. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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