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Spyke & Mike_October 2017

Published on October 10, 2017 under Blog
Spyke & Mike_October 2017

When Mike, When?

What an end to summer, my BTR friends. I hope hurricane Irma did not disrupt your lifestyle too badly. For Mike and me, it was over a week with no power, lots of cleanup, and clearing out the refrigerators at the Sanctuary.

By now, most of you Floridians know what it’s like to be windblown at 50, 60, even 70 mph for a short period of time. I on the other hand, have been enjoying that kind of continuous breeze for years. It’s easily done if you just keep tucked in and very aerodynamic. You humans call it hunkered down.

“But really Mike, when am I going to get some relief? When does the windshield get mounted on the Fat Bird 2? When do I get my perch back on the handlebars? When can I stop riding on your back or shoulder and not look like I’m holding on for dear life? When? When? When?”

“OK Spyke,” Mike babbles, “when the time is right. When the fab work is done. When the nights get colder and the days get shorter. Irma has slowed the transformation of our scoot. But, Craig the painter has assured me that his heart, soul, and hands are working feverishly in getting your mugshot back on the new ride. Until then, it’s class 2 hurricane winds for you!”

“Alright, but keep me safe from all those freaks with cell phone cameras that are driving and trying to snap a Kodak moment of us in cruise mode.” Mike scratches my head and comforts me by saying, “Of course Spyke, you can trust me. You are my number one. I’m always looking out for my little girl. Believe it or not, so are a lot of other people out there. You have more friends than I’ll ever have.”

“For example, just a few weeks ago, your Facebook page FIND SPYKE, got a post from Austin at Fallen Cycles. Seems he acquired the original Fat Bird at auction in Orlando and was trying to reach out to me. Having seen us ride around many Daytona events, watched you be a crowd pleaser, and read about our misfortune in this great magazine, he felt it was the right thing to do by getting us reunited with a sentimental part from the Ol’e Bird.

“After contacting him by phone, having a great conversation, and working out the details all was set. A week later, I received a nicely packaged rear fender at no charge! I just want to say thanks to Austin and the whole crew at Fallen Cycles for doing the human thing. This just goes to show what good karma can do. It happens when you least expect it and sometimes in mysterious ways. If you ever have a need for any used parts, these guys are the best in motorcycle salvage. Give them a call, 386-872-6363. Or stop by and see them at 526 Magnolia Ave., Daytona Beach and tell them you read about it here in Spyke’s parrot scratch. The next time we ride over you can bet we’re showing up!”

For now, Craig has had the new front fender and the original one to use as a template for about a month. Because this piece is a major highlight of Mike’s new ride, he will spend many hours working his magic. Then, in a few weeks, the entire scoot will be his for the rest of the makeover, including the original rear fender to use as a template also.

Until then, missing a front fender, we ride like there is no tomorrow and no rain. Mike is only taking me on short trips around town. So, you can find us having fun with our friends at various places like Biff Burger, The Lube, Red Tiki, Bert’s off the Beach, and Sharks Bar and Grill. Speaking of Sharks, many people have asked Mike are they really giving away a free Harley.

He tells them, “Show up and find out. Joe Sr., Joe Jr., and the staff work hard at making this a really cool place! They have been going all out for bikers every Thursday with great live music, food specials, and bucket/drink deals you can’t find anywhere else. When you do arrive and it’s your maiden voyage there, tell them we sent you or you’ve seen their ad in BTR and your first drinks are two for one!

“Sign up to win the Harley given away on Dec. 21st. Then, come back every week for extra chances to own this fine piece of machinery. There’s going to be one hell of a party that night as you must be present to win. What a great Christmas present it’s going to make for some lucky biker!”

I cackle, “Hell yes! And as a special treat, you’ll get to ride around the parking lot with me on your shoulder. Just think about what kind of holiday card that would make for you to hand out!”

Mike bellows, “OK Spyke, make like Santa’s elves and get your story done by deadline or no one gets any goodies. It’s Thursday, zero chance of rain, and your friends are waiting for me to chauffeur your feathered ass up there. Sammy Davis Jr. is playing and your backup presence has been requested. I’ve got my man bag on the Fat Bird 2 and it’s ready to get my knees in the breeze, your wings in the wind, and its wheels rolling down the road.”    SPYKE




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