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His Peace Becomes Our Peace

Published on October 13, 2017 under Blog
His Peace Becomes Our Peace

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a biker church service at a motorcycle dealership. It was good to see a lot of old faces, along with a few faces I had not met before. There was a band playing some great tunes, and since it was really hot, there were bottles of cold water being passed out for free, how cool (pardon the pun)!

When I pulled in to the event I noticed some dark clouds on the horizon, but I wasn’t worried about them as my phone radar said we were clear of the storm. It was a great service enjoyed by all, but as we got ready to leave the rain began to fall. At first it was a strong drizzle, but the rain took no time turning into a downpour. Over the next little while the rain went back and forth, getting better or worse, and just about the time we started to mount up the monsoon came back. To make matters worse, the storm was traveling East, and I was headed East to get home. I’m not afraid to ride in the rain, but I hadn’t been on my bike in a while, so I wasn’t looking forward to riding on wet roads.

As I thought about my situation, I realized that it wasn’t all that far to the house, and when I got home I could change into dry clothes, so what was there to concern me? It would be a refreshing, cool ride on a warm summer mourning, it might even be an enjoyable time!

This reminded me that Jesus promised us in the Bible, “My peace I give you” (John 14:27). He lived a life full of challenges and hurts, and He has experienced every problem that may come our way. Because of this, when things in our lives look difficult or worrisome, He gives us His peace. Simply put, His peace becomes our peace.

I believe that promise of peace factored into my thought process, and made me realize that I could look at the positive side of the situation, through that wonderful peace that comes from Jesus! By trusting in Him as our Savior and Lord, we open our hearts and let His peace, and blessings, move into our lives. He wants our hearts to be free from stress or trouble, to enjoy life and be full of joy. When Jesus is in our hearts, so too is His peace.

So how did my ride home go? I got soaked to the bone, but I did my best to count my blessings and remember it was just a 20-mile ride, and there was a peace in my heart that kept me smiling!

The best part of all of this is His peace can be applied to every area of our lives and to every challenge. Trust Jesus today and experience for yourself His wonderful and powerful peace!

In the Wind,

Denny Dingler

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