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Published on September 7, 2017 under Blog

We’re aware of the severe weather headed your way and are thinking of you.
Our offices are in Florida so we hope it misses us all, we are ready to do our part should you need us.

Experience tells us that proper preparation is your best chance at protecting your vehicle(s) from damage. While protecting loved ones is the #1 priority, a little time spent on protecting your vehicle(s) before the storm hits will ensure they will be available for use after.

Here are some actions we’ve found helpful:

Find It Now GPS Safety Tips

  • Be sure your vehicle batteries are fully charged and on a Tender if possible.
  • Have an evacuation plan to move your vehicles to higher ground if there’s time.
  • Reinforce your garage door by installing temporary braces with wooden two-by-fours.
  • Anchor heavy objects such as fuel tanks, compressor, generator, or tool boxes to garage walls so if the water level rises they won’t float into your vehicles.
  • Clear garage shelves of heavy objects that might fall on your vehicle.
  • Cover your vehicle when it’s being stored to help protect it from flying debris.
  • Store vehicle for quick exit should you have to evacuate them quickly.
  • Ensure the yard or surrounding area is free of objects that could be blown into the garage door (i.e. patio furniture, lawn ornaments, bicycles, etc.)

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Stay safe, and rest assured
we’re here if you need us.

— The Team at Find It Now GPS Security