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Published on March 13, 2017 under Blog

Enhanced Motorcycle Riding Course to improve skills and avoid crashes

Atlanta, GA March 13, 2017– ProRider of Atlanta is pleased to announce their new website that provides information on their advanced motorcycle skills course. This website describes the 8-hour challenging advanced motorcycle riding course that is a combination of control, defensive and precision riding that will allow riders to learn how to better handle their personal motorcycle on the road and at slow speeds. Instructor Ken Anderson has been in law enforcement for over 30 years and has extensive experience and service in the Special Operations Motorcycle Unit. He teaches police motorcycle skills for civilian riders. Whether the client is a beginner or advanced motorcycle rider the focus is on safe motorcycle training. There are classes designed for women that want to learn how to ride and classes for experienced riders that want to strengthen precision skills. The website has effective riding videos that Ken encourages all motorcycle riders to watch and review tips to improve riding skills. There is also a “do-it-yourself” at home kit complete with instruction and cones to practice and improve riding abilities at home. The motorcycle riding course is in Buford, Georgia.


“Motor Cops learn valuable skills and techniques through advanced, in-depth training. I want to bring the opportunity to all motorcycle riders through my course.” – Ken Anderson


“My wife and I took the 8-hour class approximately 2 years ago. At the time, I had been riding for about 11 years, and my wife for about 2. It’s AMAZING what I thought I knew about the mechanics of motorcycling prior to this class. Every person we took the class with was at a different skill level of riding, and we all commented about how much we learned about maneuvering the bike, counter balancing, and steering, and much more. My wife and I both left the class feeling a lot more confident about riding due to the safety skills we learned. Ken and Patty were patient instructors and consummate professionals. There is something to be learned for every skill level, no matter how long you’ve been riding. I’m even considering a refresher course. Definitely worth the investment.
Dre Allen – 4 days ago

Police Motorcycle Skills for Civilian Riders. Learn from the best! Learn true police motorcycle skill sets- more in-depth than an experienced MSF course.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ken Anderson at 678-549-1359 or email at


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