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Published on October 14, 2016 under Blog

When the law that you know must be broken to protect the ones you love … hammer down!

NATION’S FIRE is coming … think “Easy Rider” meets “The Professional” a cool action/thriller styled biker film.

Scouting is in progress, scripts are being handed out to potential cast, and we are a few months away from when production officially begins shooting the upcoming biker feature- Nation’s Fire. *Official cast announcement will be given to Born To Ride as soon as it is announced.

Born To Ride was given the exclusive by writer/director Thomas J. Churchill as he hinted a bit more about the upcoming action thriller that will star actress/model Krista Grotte (who starred in several Churchill films including the upcoming; Check Point, The Rack Pack, The Emerging Past, and Lazarus Apocalypse).

Gloria Nation (Krista Grotte) who has managed to handle a demanding job and still maintains being a single mother to her only child. Gloria’s bails bond office sits in the back of her other business, a popular tattoo parlor simply called- Nation’s Fire. Gloria experiences the unthinkable, gut-wrenching heartache of every parent’s biggest fear by receiving some tragic news. An eyewitness comes forward providing great details about the incident.

When the news spreads to the streets that Gloria has an eye witness, a person who can point out and turn in the people behind the events. A hit is then put out on her; assailants who want to bargain with or kill her for the witness visit her. She seeks safety in the only family that she once knows she can trust … her former biker club, Heaven’s Fire. New situations occur as things hit home even harder when she learns that it was someone very close to her, who has been after her. In this exciting suspense filled action thriller- NATION’S FIRE.

Grotte along with Born To Ride’s Ron Galletti, Robert Ori, Carmine Famiglietti and David M. Parks who both along with Churchill produced Check Point will also produce Nation’s. David M. Parks has been Churchill’s producing partner on his last four films.

The film is set to be filmed in Tampa, Florida and in Hollywood, CA. A 2017 release is planned for the film.



Originally published in the Born to Ride Florida Motorcycle Magazine Issue #149

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