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AirHawk International Files Lawsuit

Published on May 4, 2016 under Blog
AirHawk International Files Lawsuit

AirHawk International Files Lawsuit


Santa Ana, CA – AirHawk International announced that it recently filed in the United States District Court Central District Of California Southern Division a Complaint For Patent Infringement, False Advertising, Tortious Interference, and Unfair Competition against various parties related to a product called “Wild Ass Motorcycle Cushion.”.


AirHawk has also sent Cease and Desist letters to various parties and some retailers known to have sold or purchased, or planning to sell or purchase, the product in question with the reminder that it is important for them to understand that every person or entity in the chain of commerce can be liable for patent infringement, including but not limited to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, resellers, advertisers, marketers, and consumers (end users.)


According to the filing, AirHawk is asking for:


Preliminary and permanent injunctive relief restraining and enjoining defendants and their respective officers, directors, agents, servants, representatives, employees, affiliates, attorneys, and all persons acting inprivity or in concert with them, and their parents, subsidiaries, divisions, successors and assigns, from directly or indirectly infringing AirHawk’s patents; as well as other findings and judgments.
AirHawk owner, Don Mahoney, expressed confidence that conscientious retailers will honor AirHawk’s patents and steer clear of obvious knock offs if and when they are offered to them. He said, “I do hope retailers remember that they too are liable for patent infringement when they are selling infringing knock-offs.” Mahoney went on to say that he did not think that anybody really wants to buy a product made in China when they can have a proven, quality product manufactured in Santa Ana, California for the same price.

AirHawk is launching its digital online media campaign the first week of May. For info check out or call 888-443-2669

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