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Published on November 25, 2015 under Blog

By: Michelle Osborne

Have you ever had anything that you call a “God” thing happen? Well I did and it really opened my eyes as to how blessed most of us truly are. We get to ride our motorcycles, workout, climb mountains and live our life without wondering what it is like to be handicap, sick or need guidance.

With the season of giving upon us, I wanted to share with some people that have truly touched my heart and how we should all take a minute to not only give thanks for our health and our bodies but to remember those that are not as fortunate as we are.

I had a client come to me and wanted to put 50 legs on as one of their beneficiaries. Then I had a client call me and tell me he had been in a terrible boating accident and may lose his leg. The first thing I did, was look up Steve Chamberlin on his motorcycle living life to the fullest. I sent that picture to my client and told him many people have rebuilt their lives after something so horrific happened to them. Then I met Steve and Tiffany of 50 legs, they told me how many people they turn away each year because of funding to help people get appropriate limbs. They shared about all the veterans that keep us safe that have lost limbs and can’t rebuild after they have served our country. I was up all night and could not think of anything else.

Then I was approached about the Shriner’s hospital, the Suncoast Charities for Children, The Florida Sherriff’s Youth Ranch (who help children find their way) all wonderful organizations. I was sent a picture of their beautiful spokesperson and all the children that are there that need our help. Imagine putting a smile on a child’s face that has to fight every day to live. Or giving a veteran the limbs they need that don’t hurt and can help them live a better life.

As I was planning my winter snowmobile trip, I also thought of all those children and the people of 50 legs that would love to go on that adventure. So this year I train for that adventure with a purpose to raise awareness of those less fortunate. For the people of 50 legs, the children at Shriner’s and the kids of Suncoast charities, the kids of The Florida Youth Ranch; this trip is for you. May you be with me in my heart and share this adventure.

Now when I wake up in the morning, I post on Facebook about working out because I know how blessed I am to have my health and my limbs. It drives me every day, because I know I am truly blessed. This year I want to beat my record of last year of 4’jumps and a 900’ climb to a 5’ jump with a climb of 1000 feet on a snowmobile. We will Go-pro or droid pictures for the adventure in honor of all those that can’t. THIS YEAR I HAVE PURPOSE. RAISE AWARENESS FOR THOSE THAT CAN’T. If I can put one smile on a child’s face or help one person get new limbs or give one child hope for a bright future.

Any shine of hope that these organizations share, would be the greatest gift I could receive this holiday season.

I am in the money business. The business that assists people in investing their money and helping to protect their principal. I have been fortunate in my career, to work with very wealthy people and the average person which has taught me that you can use options that may help you make money and still preserve your capital. But what about leaving a legacy? What about using that money to work to help others? Even if it is just making a charity the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

I have been blessed with knowledge. Knowledge that swells my eyes with tears when I think of all those people I can help by using that knowledge. It is called charitable giving. I am so appreciative I have been fortunate enough in my 30+ year career to learn from the best and work with the best.

There are so many ways to give. You don’t have to be rich, but if you are comfortable in life, think of giving back this year. I can share with you many ways to give and it can still be beneficial for you and your family. If you have capital gains issues then “GIVE” help someone else and it will help you.

Examples and ways to contribute are by using charitable gift annuities, endowment programs, gifting monies from your IRA and many other wonderful tools of the money business.

Through my wonderful team in the charitable planning division at Raymond James and IFS Securities we can help you give and/or leave a legacy. Many charitable contributions can possibly offset capital gains in your investments. If you are 70 and you have accumulated all the wealth you need but still have to take a minimum, gift that money to those that need it. There are so many creative ways to help other people and yourself. A lot of people want to give and help, they just don’t know how; or to who. The purpose of this article is to give you the opportunity to see how you can help during this time of year.

I spent sleepless nights thinking about this gift God had blessed me with…. The knowledge to help people give advantageously.

Making more money is one thing……. But leaving a legacy and giving to others is where life really rewards us. Even if all you do is leave your monies to your favorite charity.

Join me in giving. Join me in sharing. Join me in changing lives. Join me in the awareness campaigns of 2016. Make a difference in other’s lives. I know that is where I want to focus. It is not what you get in life: it is what you give along the way.

Look for my daily post on Facebook about working out in honor of those that are not able to. Watch for winter 2016 adventure of a 5’ jump and 1000 foot climb on a snowmobile in Utah coming this winter. This year I want to beat my 4’ jump and my 900’ climb from last year… but this year I have a purpose. I will be taking all those that have touched my heart along with me…. via droid pics and go-pro. I hope it will make one child smile or one person that lost a limb, have hope.

Help me bring awareness of how grateful we should all be; every day for health and a complete body.

All of these charities and many more have blessed me beyond anything I could ever give them. Thank you for touching my heart in this wonderful season of giving. You gave me the best gift anyone could receive along this road that we call life. That gift is to help me remember; it is what we give others along the way, that really matters .

If you are interested in an advantageous ways to help others that desperately need your help; Call me……. let’s make a difference in someone’s life today.

Thanks to all those that came by and said hello at the anniversary parties. It was so wonderful to meet everyone, see old friends and new ones.

The winners of the $100. Gift card to VISA or Harley are: Tom Odonnell and Melinda Bartlett.

Please contact our office at 727-459-4875 or 727-290-2516 to confirm your address.

Happy Holidays and remember how blessed you are…Make a difference in someone’s life this year.

Happy Riding!

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