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Check Out the Two Coolest Booths in Sturgis…Love Jugs!

Published on August 4, 2015 under Blog
Check Out the Two Coolest Booths in Sturgis…Love Jugs!

Going to Sturgis? Get ready for the ride of a lifetime, especially during the 75th Anniversary Sturgis Rally.The weather conditions will vary from cold, windy, rain and hailstones to hot as hell. Two and a half hours riding down Main Street in stop and start traffic will catch your attention…if not 2nd degree burns to your thighs. Check out what Jimmy Kay said from Two Wheel Thunder TV about the extreme weather conditions he encountered while traveling cross country.


“My Love Jugs fans withstood the harshest conditions I endured. Love Jugs are 100% waterproof outdoor rated fan motors, and my trip confirmed that! If it was not raining, it was as hot as Hades. They will actually run while submerged underwater as can be seen on their website: Believe it or not, some competing systems use indoor rated fans, which will short out when exposed to water – even during a washing.

Jimmy and Pat Kay

Producers of Two Wheel Thunder TV – Contributing Editors for National Magazines

Perfect for Sturgis Traffic


The Cool-Master comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, a full One Year Warranty and is available in luxurious show polished stainless steel, gloss black powder coated and flat black finishes. Its unique patented design looks as great as it works. Get ready to really enjoy your ride- Use Love Jugs Cool-Master to make your Harley Super COOL!


Check Out the Following Installation Locations in Sturgis
August 1st-8th; Hours are 8:00am-Closing Everyday
Rapid City-Next to Black Hills Harley-Davidson
3150 Tatanka Rd.

To schedule an installation appointment in Rapid City, please call Adam Halstead at 828-342-5637.

Downtown Sturgis-5th and Lazelle
To schedule an installation appointment at the 5th and Lazelle location, please call Joe McNeill at 805-750-1353.

All Original Love Jugs and Cool-Master products are made of the finest materials, come with a 100% money back Guarantee, are backed by warranty and are protected by US Design Patent. All products are available at Love Jugs Authorized Dealers and on the company website.

For more information, please contact: Hammerhead Engineering CEO Steve West at or visit the web site: and Distributors are invited to sign up now!

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