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Happy Father’s Day Fran!

Published on June 12, 2015 under Blog
Happy Father’s Day Fran!


Yes, you have read correctly, Happy Father’s Day Fran! Werner Haasch knows he has wonderful children, Fran and Marcus Haasch, and he’s the one who is grateful and thankful on Father’s Day. He doesn’t want to be catered to or spoiled for the day, but instead he wants to show his love and appreciation in a special way. So how does Werner do that for Fran? By building Fran an Almhütte of course!

While on a family trip to Austria last year, Fran spotted an Almhütte and commented to her father how she would adore a hut like this in her back yard. An Almhütte is an Alpine hut that is found in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. It’s commonly used for animals grazing in the wild to seek shelter from weather. It has a peaked roof with an approximate 4-foot overhang on the sides. It’s common in Germany to see a huge boulder on the roof to hold the roof down during windy conditions. You see, Fran has a love for all animals; she has goats, cows, donkeys, and dogs … they all have names and personalities. Fran could only imagine how her animals would benefit from such a structure. Werner saw Fran’s imagination going wild. He found some photos and his mind began working on the plan. Werner was going to build Fran her animal hut.

After returning to the States, Werner began the design on paper; soliciting help from a family friend Edward Fitzpatrick and his grandson Henry, the project was underway. He made a list of materials needed, which included properly treated cedar from Chiefland, FL. He had a wood burned “Almhütte” sign made to hang over the door which has an image of a goat and a cow. There are four layers to the roof; the inside layer made of small tree logs to give it an authentic rustic ceiling when you look up once inside. The outside has wood shingles. And yes, the boulder is going to be mounted on the roof to replicate the authentic Almhütte. It’s all in the details.

But there are two extra special touches that are going on Fran’s Almhütte to complete the project. One is a masterpiece work of metal that Werner twisted himself by hand in 1957 while completing his apprenticeship in Germany as a metal worker. It adds the perfect Alpine look to the Almhütte window and comes from the heart. The other special touch is slightly difficult to explain. When Fran was able to open her first law office, she chose a site in Palm Harbor, FL. The property had an existing small building and next to it a unique historic free standing door with old rusty hinges and a door knocker. Image just a door standing there alone. Werner could never have been so proud to see his daughter break ground on that site and grow her own business into what it is today. He kept that old rusty hardware from the demolished door and has been polishing it diligently to place on the Almhütte. For Werner, this special Almhütte is a one-of-a-kind for a one-of-a-kind daughter. It signifies where they both came from and where they are today.

There have been proposals from others for a similar build but Werner declines and explains there will only be one for a special daughter … Fran.

A father so very proud of a daughter that has become a wife, mother, business woman and philanthropist. He is enamored by her need to help save the world and what she does for others every single day. She tells him just like she did as a child getting one “B” at school, “But Dad, it’s just not good enough. I need to do better, I need to do more.” That’s his Francoise.

Stay with us over the summer for more photos as Werner completes this special project for Fran.


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