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Women’s World – Why Ride

Published on March 10, 2015 under Blog
Women’s World – Why Ride


Why did I start to ride so many ask? I thought about my answer. As long as I can remember, the sound of a motorcycle would get me excited. When one passed me by, my heart would pound and I would imagine riding off into the sunset. My family continually told me ladies don’t ride motorcycles. I was told one too many times and simply decided I had to try it. I guess you can say I did it because I was told I couldn’t!
How can I explain it, especially to those who have never ridden a motorcycle? You see, I was always told that motorcycles are dangerous and bikers are wild. All my life I was discouraged from riding. Never ever would I have thought that I, Ms. Feminine and professional would now be a biker lady! Some people in my circle thought I had lost my mind, but thankfully others stood by my side and encouraged me. Those who did not support the idea of me riding told me I could never handle a bike and I would never pass the riding course. Well of course, telling me I can’t do something compounded my determination and fueled my excitement to become a proficient rider. I started to ride because I knew it was time to let go of other’s expectations of how I should live my life. It’s my life and it was my turn to live it my way; as long as I was not intentionally hurting others I had to find my inner joy … my inner peace.

I have learned to be proud of who I am and to celebrate the magnificence of being a well-adjusted mother, friend, and cancer survivor!
The Riding and the People!

The Ride: Well, my answer to why I ride … the riding and the people are what makes it such an unbelievable experience? As I rode with a local group in Boca Raton, Florida, I realized why riding is such an incredible experience. It is only when a person actually rides that she or he can really understand the joy. Sitting on my own bike, feeling of the throttle when I take off, and hearing the engine roar under me that just makes my heart and blood rumble full of excitement. Riding is just a special time for me!
Many if not all of us ladies live life full of responsibilities, and we tend to take care of ourselves last. We are masters at multitasking and caring for everyone else: our spouses, kids, house, work etc. … Only when there is time do we stop to take care of ourselves. Riding is an opportunity to take care of yourself. If you don’t make yourself a priority, you will be no good to take care of the rest. If you are of the mindset against riding like I was raised, all I can say is to try it once and if you are not convinced then fine, but you owe it to yourself to try. Make it a “must do” item on your bucket list for this year.
The People: Being real and leaving the masks behind is so freeing and powerful. The riding community varies from unemployed to multimillionaires and consists of all races, colors, and religions. People from all walks of life gather to ride and fellowship.
Appearances are just appearances. You could meet the best dressed or the scariest dressed biker and it doesn’t matter. Some of the scariest bikers are the sweetest and most loving individuals. It’s giving and receiving respect. It’s helping each other. Unreal! It is just a magnificent experience. I never understood this until I became a rider. It is sad that so many people miss out on such a euphoric experience for lack of knowledge, fear, or misinformation. I don’t care what someone looks like. I care who they are inside because that is what matters. Get to know the riding community and do not allow fear, doubt, or naysayers rob you from enhancing your horizons. It’s amazing once you get all this, how many wonderful individuals you may meet down the road!

As an EQ Woman I embrace and live the “Exemplified Quality” LifeStyle:
EQ Woman live the life others imagine. We leave behind all superficial nonsense, concentrating on positive self-enrichment. EQ Women are not out sightseeing or existing vicariously through others; we are taking action to live life our way!

Enough Waiting, Hoping and Dreaming—get ready to SIZZLE!

Ladies, if you are tired of feeling underappreciated and are ready to make a commitment to yourself to live a life of excellence. If you refuse to settle for anything less than your very best, come join us. If you are prepared to leave all excuses behind, then I invite you to come check out our upcoming events (Born To Ride Women’s World: An Exemplified Quality Lifestyle). Join our mailing list at www.EQWS.org and/or www.borntoride.com.

Hayley B. Colina, Esq.
Founder EQ Women Succeed, LLC

Hayley is available to travel the United States and internationally to share her contiguous passion, wisdom, and training. Contact to schedule her at your next organization event:  Hayley@EQWS.org

It is time for you to be part of the EQ Lifestyle.

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