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Published on January 30, 2015 under Born To Ride

Life isn’t supposed to be a boring! Day-in-day-out with the same routine is not the way to live. Is your work just bearable? Are evenings automated and boring? Are you simply going through the motions: getting home, eating dinner, watching television, surfing the net, taking care of everyone else but you? Do you simply expect to go to bed, wake up, and repeat it all over again day after day after day?

STOP! Life should be a passionate adventure that is full of meaning and excitement. Life is full of opportunities to grow, explore and to do something that makes a difference after you’ve gone. Set yourself free, step into a life that is meaningful and be YOU!!!

I want to invite you to become fully alive again, like when you were in your teens and twenties.  Leave behind all the nonsense and step into a life that has meaning, passion, and excitement.   Forget worrying about what others think. You only need your own self-approval. Forget living like others expect and want you to be. Dare to live your life your way.

Riding motorcycles is a perfect example of living your life passionately and your way. Many women experience such negative reactions from friends and family members when they say they want to ride. People will tell women such things as: are you totally crazy, what is wrong with you, you must be having a midlife crises, what are people going to say, what are you thinking, are you trying to complicated your life, think of your family, you don’t have the skills, you wont pass the riding class, it is too dangerous, I will not be seen with you etc. … It is so sad to see others listen to naysayers who simply suck the life right out of you.

Never allow naysayers to stop you from living your life! Some love you and mean well. And some are simply what I call “play-it-safers”; creatures of the commonplace and slaves of the ordinary.  Others are simply jealous and envy the fact that they are too lazy to change their lives, or too scared. They sit on the sideline discouraging all others because misery likes company.

I constantly remind people not to allow fear to rob you from living. We all have an expiration date when we are leaving this world, and we will not leave a second earlier or later. In the meantime be smart. If you are going to ride, take the proper classes and ride safely. If you have considered getting a bike, go shop it. Ask many questions and get the right fit for you. Do what makes you happy and create a meaningful life. Don’t let other’s fears and limited life stop you from living!

Go live! Go make things happen and don’t fall into the wasteland of I woulda, coulda, shoulda.  We all have what it takes within us so instead come join the land of I DID IT and I CAN!


Riders have learned to bring out their inner courage to get out there and to live. They never allowed fear to control their life. Whatever the reason is for riding, we all have experienced some form of fear but women riders are a determined special breed that does not allow fear to rob us from living.  We have learned to overcome the fears and either ride as a passenger or graduated to taking the front seat of our own motorcycles.

Those that have taken the extra step to ride solo understand the incredible empowering feeling of fun, freedom, and control this machine gives us. If you have not gone for your endorsement DO IT! You can’t understand the incredible feeling of riding solo until you actually do it.

Life is too short; do not waste it living someone else’s expectations. Don’t let the opinion and fears of others limit your life. Have the courage to live your passion and dreams.
– Hayley B. Colina

Fight for the life that you deserve and take responsibility for your life. Do not settle, just make a decision, trust in yourself and never look back. Time to make You and your Life sizzle with Passion and Joy! Time to make You and your Life Extraordinary!
Hayley B. Colina
EQ Women Succeed, LLC

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