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Published on October 16, 2014 under Born To Ride

A 21,000 Mile USA Discovery On My Harley-Davidson
Gary France is English and lives near London. In a few short years, Gary’s self-description changed from “Project Management Executive” to “Writer, traveler and motorcyclist, who is happiest when combining all three.” That’s quite a shift, but nevertheless an authentic summary.
Riding with just his thoughts for company, Gary’s description of his 4-month trip unfolds through a down-to-earth record of what he saw, whom he met and what he felt on the road, backed up with an impressive photographic inventory. As he clicks up the miles from the New England states, through the Midwest and the Rockies, and closing in the desert states of the Pacific coast, his thoughts, language and photographs become increasingly reflective and vivid as the ‘journey’ progresses—revealing more and more of his internal exploration and steady winding down.
The book will resonate with many. Not just those who wish they could make such a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, but also with the many men who have faced the unspoken uncertainties and reassessments of midlife.

This is not only a detailed guide about where to go and what to see in the USA. It is also a personal story of one person seizing the moment—a living testimony to the maxim that travel is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey itself. One man living his dream, and carefully cornering through the opportunities that midlife presents.


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Having ridden 21,475 miles in the USA on one spectacular road trip, I was struck by a few things. I had no idea that America is so beautiful, with so many great places to see. I rode over high mountains and across deserts. I went to big vibrant cities and tiny towns. At one point, I saw almost no cars in 78 miles of riding, and at another I saw 78 cars on the road in one second. I saw extraordinary wealth and extreme poverty. I saw old things that should be cherished, and I saw brand new things to marvel at. At times, I was boiling hot—others I was freezing cold. What an amazingly diverse country the USA.

I would like to thank America, all of it and all of its people. As a nation, you have some extraordinary qualities and Americans are a very special people. I was touched by your generosity, politeness, and overwhelming friendship. Just about everywhere, I went bikers greeted me like a brother. We shared road stories and a few beers and it seems bikers are almost the same the world over, going out of their way to help a fellow motorcyclist.




My motorcycle carried me effortlessly on a tremendous journey without complaint and without any major problem. There was only one make of bike I could ever have ridden across the U.S. on, and it had to be a Harley-Davidson.

I was so impressed by America and the people I met, I wanted to record the journey in some way and a book seemed the obvious answer. Having now written that book, France in America, I can only hope I did justice to a wonderful country.

Gary France

We are proud to announce Gary is a new international moto-jounalist for Born To Ride, and he has some really cool stuff on the way for us all. Grab a copy of his book b

Because it’s awesome; his 21,000 mile discovery of America should make us all proud of our great country through the eyes and words of Mr. Gary France.

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FRANCE IN AMERICA is a visually stunning 400-page volume offering a unique mix of Americana, travel, motorcycling and a personal account of male mid-life transition. The book showcases an extraordinary 21,000-mile solo journey by a man leaving behind his professional life and identity to explore America and fulfill a lifelong dream.
The official launch of FRANCE IN AMERICA will take place at Warr’s (King’s Road, London, UK), Europe’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealership. The only current book source is To get more info go to

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