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Published on February 6, 2014 under Born To Ride

XPel Headlamp Protection InstallOptically Clear Patented Material Provides Years of Protection

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – XPEL(tm) Headlamp Protection Film is an optically clear, press-polished 30 mil material that features a patented, scratch-resistant coating nearly impossible to scuff. Headlamps must stand up to years of pitting and sandblasting caused by rocks, debris and road salt, which causes unsightly discoloration and reduced light output.

Delivering unmatched durability, stability and longevity, XPEL Headlamp Protection Film prevents shattered lenses, and has been proven to withstand damage from the impact of 1-inch diameter stones hurtling at 120 mph into the lamp. The film is manufactured with the strongest, optically clear, non-yellowing adhesive available, enhancing the lifespan of the product and allowing for an unprecedented 7-year warranty.

Available for a broad range of vehicle makes and models, including universal headlight kits for older vehicles, XPEL’s Headlamp Protection Film is available in sheets or in precision precut kits, and in clear or dark smoke (for show-car and off-road use only). XPEL’s Headlamp Protection Film and its entire line of paint protection products are available at www.xpel.com.

XPEL offers a number of DIY products, as well as films for applications requiring installers. For a list of installers in your area, visit http://locator.xpel.com/. For more information, call 1-800-447-9928 or email support@xpel.com.

About XPEL Technologies Corp.
XPEL leads the industry in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance automotive paint and headlamp protection film technologies. Using XPEL’s propriety software and patented materials, our professional design team develops products that deliver the ultimate in vehicle protection, meeting the demands of a broad range of makes and models. With more than 70,000 vehicle-specific applications and a global network of trained installers, XPEL is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in providing high-quality products, customer service and technical support. XPEL Technologies Corp. (TSXV: DAP.U) is publicly traded on the TSXV Exchange. Visit www.xpel.com for more information.


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