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World War II Memorial

Once in a while I feel good about people reportedly breaking the law. Case in point when WWII Veterans, their guardians and/or family members went to Washington to see THEIR War Memorial.


The senior Veterans were met with barricades surrounding an open memorial. Folks it’s not a building or a high security area, it’s out in the open and it honors those who went to visit it.


Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal for those who portray themselves to be our elected leaders to close the memorial but to those who are passing away at a rate of 1,000–1,110 per day it does.


Besides who are those who have never served in the military to tell those who have, its closed because of this or that. Way to go veterans of the Greatest Generation I stand behind you 100%.


I have an Honor Flight Guardian Application lying on my desk to be filled out, so I can escort one of these senior warriors to see their memorial in the very near future. I am glad it wasn’t my time to escort one of America’s finest to the WWII Memorial and find it barricaded off, I might have had to been arrested. The memorial is not a pawn in any disagreement brought on by elected officials.


As a matter of fact, an overwhelming majority who are utilizing this type of diversion have never served to protect this Nation or the Constitution of the United States. I find that amazing as most of them are lawyers who have an opinion as to what is written in the Constitution.


Almost seven decades ago US servicemen were in places such as Pearl Harbor, the Hürtgen Forest, Guadalcanal, Rhine River Valley, Midway, Bastogne, Saipan, Normandy, Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima, North Africa and hundreds of other places fighting so the world would be a better, safer place to live for all involved. Here is a simple fact, two of our senior elected leaders who have been in the paper on a daily basis for the last several years never served in the military due to asthma and a bad back.


One of the others who did serve flat out lied to a Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs when he came back, yet people forgave him. He was awarded a Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V (for valor) and three Purple Hearts all within an abbreviated four month tour in Vietnam and returned stateside to become involved in politics.


Washington leave our real veterans alone, they deserve the respect they earned.

Motorcycle Information

October 12th – Poker Run for Liberty Manor for Veteran’s Registration: 10 am at Kirby Stewart American Legion Post 24 (2000 75th St. West, Bradenton).

For more information call David Jones at 813-446-7995 ( or John Grant at 813-446-5315 (


Should you have any comments and/or suggestions please email me at

Have a great weekend and remember; “It’s not about the war, it’s about the warriors.”


God Bless America and all those who serve to protect us.


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