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Christian Motorcyclists Association



When we returned home from our vacation I received an email from Mike Davis who is the president of Faith Riders 594 which is the local chapter.


The email stated a young lady by the name of Jamie Perea who recently completed her state required motorcycle safety course and was going to pick up her new 2013 Harley-Davidson Superlow Sportster 883.


Her request was for members of CMA to gather at Manatee River Harley-Davidson at noon to bless her new motorcycle prior to her riding it from the dealership. You may be asking why she had the bike blessed before riding it. The answer is simple as she is a Christian as is her husband Joey.


She also knows riding a motorcycle is risky and there is a chance something can happen while enjoying the great outdoors and what God has provided for us. As I spoke with Jamie and Joey I found out some of what drives them in their endeavors. Jamie is a Christian Yoga Instructor with ‘Come to the Well’ ( Foundation, Inc. which is located on 59th Street West in Bradenton.


Jamie was involved in women’s fitness/figure championships over the years and won numerous titles such as Ms. Florida and placing 3rd at the NPC Nationals (Natural Physique Association).

Joey was also involved with body building and was a professional fitness trainer for 30 years. He trained celebrities and professional athletes and had won 24 major titles prior to retiring from the stage.

Both Jamie and Joey realize there is a need for such important aspects as prayers even when riding a motorcycle. Therefore they chose to have the Christian Motorcyclists Association members bless her new bike. Because of it being noon and Monday there were seven CMA members who were present for the blessing. One or a hundred the blessing was carried out with sincerity, grace and belief.


Bike Blessings are a normal event anywhere motorcyclists are gathered when CMA members are available. In 2008 when I, along with 296 other Florida motorcyclists rode from Manatee River Harley-Davidson to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC for the Annual Rolling Thunder Demonstration Run (Their mission is to show greater POW/MIA awareness and continue to support veterans from all wars), one of the first things I saw the morning of the run was the CMA Tent in the middle of 350,000 motorcycles in the Pentagon parking lot.

They are also at present at most Bike Nights throughout the Manatee/Sarasota area. For more information regarding CMA go to their website (, under find a chapter type in Faith Riders #594. With the present conditions throughout the world presently, we need as many prayers as we can muster.


Should you have any comments and/or suggestions please email me at Have a great weekend and remember; “It’s not about the war, it’s about the warriors.”

God Bless America and all who serve in uniform to protect us.


Terry Longpre


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