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Things to Think About

(My Opinion)

In the last few years it appears we as a Nation have been deluged with problems coming out of Washington or maybe a better way to explain it is ‘basic stupidity.’


Whatever happened to common sense and logic? There seems to be a minimum of both when it comes to our elected officials.

We have seen major jockeying for position in both the House and Senate for votes and political leverage.


It makes the average tax payer (employers) of those we elected and sent to Washington to do OUR bidding wonder if maybe we don’t have the cart ahead of the horse in most cases.


I just want to try and make this simple for the folks in Washington. I have always used the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principal in life and it has successfully worked for me thus far.

I’ll try to break this down in simple terms so they (Washington) will easily understand what I am saying.


IRS Problem – Pretty much self explanatory. If I have to explain it, more than likely you wouldn’t understand.

Border ProblemClose it off first – Then take care of what’s needed internally to preserve our national security.

Governmental SnoopingStop! Most of us are not the enemy. If you want to know what I’m doing ask me.

Benghazi – Should have seen it coming and been prepared, not supplying extra security became a deadly choice. And Hillary, it does make a difference! I still have the same questions as I did a few months ago, who is going to prison and when? Not so much for what was done, but the lying and subsequent ongoing cover up.

Sequestration – What an unmediated joke. If Washington could control their egos and outlandish spending we more than likely would not be in the situation we find ourselves. Again, for the most part we taxpayers can juggle our lives and balance our check books why is it Washington can’t?

World Policing – For some unknown reason our elected leader’s feel we are the world’s police department. WE ARE NOT! Protect our true allies, which by the way we have very few of.

United Nations – I have no particular like for this organization, it has been ‘playing us’ for years. We fund 22-24% of what this overbearing organization does and most countries involved still dislike us. It’s time to bail!

Oil Business – We are the oil kings. Get off the middle oil teat and produce what we have here. It’s time to open the valves to more oil, jobs, taxes and make us less dependent on countries with questionable allies and beliefs.

Military Draft – Bring it back and I will guarantee there will be less military actions if every citizen is drafted. If you fight for your rights they will mean more to you.

Christianity – This country was formed on its belief. If that is a problem, deal with it, we should not have to change.

God Bless America and all those who serve to protect us.

Terry Longpre

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