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June 17th will be the 22nd Annual ‘Ride to Work Day’. This is a chance for all motorcyclists and scooter riders to ride to and from work. Dust em’ off and hit the road.


For those riders who fly American and other flags on your motorcycles especially Patriot Guard Riders, you realize how much wear and tear they receive during the year.


I fly double sided (double stitched by yours truly) flags on my bike and pull behind trailer. Because of the number of miles I ride a year I am constantly looking for replacement flags which are like “huntin’ chicken teeth.”


Recently I located an outlet called ‘The Flagman’ in Sarasota and they had what I needed in stock and carry them year round.


A friend of mine sent me this video regarding the Delta Airlines Honor Guard at Atlanta Airport. This is the way it should be, nothing but respect for those who fight and die for this country


In my last column regarding Joe Muscatello I failed to mention he was one of the WWII Vets who flew out of Port Charlotte, FL on an ‘Honor Flight’ to Washington D.C. He said it was something he will never forget. I do have an application on my desk to fill out and return to become a Guardian for one of the flights. I just need to work it into my future schedule.


Due to sequestration and new Veterans Administration paperwork the volunteers at the Bradenton VA Clinic are having a hard time in being able to have their annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. I was thinking maybe one of the VFWs or other service organizations in the area would be willing to put one on for them. There are a total of 16-17 volunteers and possibly a couple of paid staff who usually attend the luncheon.


These are the folks who call and assist you during your visit to the Bradenton CBOC (Community Based Outpatient Clinic).


If you are interested in doing this please contact Edgar Solivan, Volunteer Specialist at (727) 398-9593, ext. 2773 or (727) 242-4726 (cell). Who knows, maybe I’ll even show up.


Recently I spoke with three gentlemen who believe the same way I do regarding the original (1945) Iwo Jim Monument which is a smaller version of the Marine Corps Memorial which sits in Arlington National Cemetery. It needs to be displayed for all to see.


Make a difference don’t allow history to be forgotten. History in school is almost a thing of the past. People died for our rights as Americans. You will see more about this statue in future columns.


For more information regarding this historical piece of art go to


Should you have any suggestions and or comments please feel free to contact me at


God Bless America and those who keep us safe at home and around the world. (I want to remind everyone ‘those’ includes Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Personnel and all First Responders.)


Terry Longpre



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